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Business Administration

Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

BA in Business Administration

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The Business Administration Program offers courses that will prepare students for a wide range of careers in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The program focus on innovation and entrepreneurship enables students to develop the critical thinking skills essential for success in a rapidly-changing global economy.  New England College business faculty will use their combined business and educational experiences to guide students and continue the tradition of preparing entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Requirements for AA in Business Administration

  • WR 1010 – Writing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences I
  • WR 1020 – Writing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences II
  • MT 1020 – College Algebra
  • LAS 1110 – On Being Human (LAS 1)
  • BU 2420 – Organizational Behavior and Management (LAS 2)
  • LAS 2110 – The Creative Arts (LAS 3)
  • LAS 2120 – The Scientific Process (LAS 4)
  • LAS 2130 – Laboratory Science (LAS 5)
  • LAS 2140 – Humanities (LAS 6)
  • BU 1110 – Business, Innovation, and the Entrepreneur
  • BU/AC 2210 – Financial Accounting
  • BU 2510 – Principles of Marketing
  • BU/AC 2220 – Management Accounting
  • BU 3880 – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • EC 2120 – Introduction to Microeconomics

Requirements to Major in Business Administration

  • BU 1110 – Introduction to Business
  • BU 1110 Business, Innovation, and the Entrepreneur
  • BU 2110 – Quantitative Methods
  • BU/AC 2210 – Financial Accounting
  • BU/AC 2220 – Management Accounting
  • BU 2420 – Organizational Behavior and Management
  • BU/ CT 2430 – Information Systems in Organizations
  • BU 2510 – Principles of Marketing
  • BU 3310 – Business Finance
  • BU 3620 – International Business
  • BU 3880 – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • BU 4040 – Strategic Management
  • BU 4045 – Senior Project/Thesis Proposal
  • BU 4046 – Senior Project/Thesis
  • EC 2110 – Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • EC 2120 – Introduction to Microeconomics

Accounting Concentration | 16 Credits

The accounting concentration is designed to provide a firm foundation in accounting. The Business Department believes that competence in accounting is fundamental to good management. Expertise will be gained which will open the possibilities for careers in private industry, governmental, or other non-profit accounting entities. Students wishing to pursue professional certification are advised to meet with their advisor to develop a four-year plan.

  • AC 3210 – Financial Reporting I
  • AC 3220 – Financial Reporting II
  • AC 3290 – Federal Taxation

One elective chosen from:

  • AC 3230 – Cost Accounting
  • AC 3990 – Topics in Accounting (with permission)
  • AC 5250 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • AC 5620 – Government and Non-Profit Reporting
  • AC 5640 – Auditing and Attestation
  • AC 5730 – Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • BU 3920 – Business Law

Graduate accounting courses not listed here may fulfill this requirement (with permission).

Marketing Concentration | 12 Credits

The marketing concentration prepares students for careers in advertising, sales, marketing management and marketing research. This concentration focuses on developing strategies to meet the needs and wants of consumers.

Students select three courses from the following list:

  • BU 3410 – Sales Management
  • BU 3510 – Marketing Research
  • BU/CT 3530 – Internet Marketing
  • BU/SM 3540 – Sports Marketing
  • BU 3810 – Advertising and Promotion
  • BU 3990 – Topics in Business (with permission)
  • BU 4510 – Marketing Management
  • BU 4520 – Consumer Behavior
  • Electives and Institutional Requirements

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions **All undergraduate courses are 4 credits unless otherwise noted.

BU 1001 Managing Your Money: Financial Planning

This course will introduce the general concepts related to sound financial planning. This course is designed to help students understand the various components of personal finance. This course does not count toward the Business major. (1cr)

BU 1002 Managing Your Money: Managing Debt

This course will introduce general concepts related to personal debt and debt management. The course is designed to help students understand the implications of carrying various types of debt. Various topics will be examined, including: college loans, house mortgages, and credit card balances. This course does not count toward the Business major. (1cr) 

BU 1003 Managing Your Money: Budgeting, Saving, and Investing

This course will introduce the general concepts related to developing a personal budget and long term implications of savings. This course is designed to help students prepare a personal budget and introduce various common investment vehicles available. This course does not count toward the Business major. (1cr)

BU 1004 Managing Your Money: Taxes

This course will present a basic overview to personal tax structure in the United States and the choices available related to personal taxation. Students wishing to know more about taxes and tax planning are advised to take AC 3290 – Federal Taxation. This course does not count toward the Business major. (1cr)

BU 1110 Business, Innovation, and the Entrepreneur

An introduction to the world of business, with a focus on innovation.  Traditional topics of accounting, marketing, management, economics, law, and strategy will be examined from the perspective of an entrepreneur and innovative business leader.  Students will learn the basics of Excel, and participate in activities that develop the innovative, entrepreneurial mind.  Marketing projects, case studies, and accounting projects will be completed leading up to a business start-up presentation.

BU 2110 Quantitative Methods

This introductory course in quantitative analysis focuses on applications in service, manufacturing, and not-for-profit organizations. Topics include basic descriptive statistics, expected value, sampling, inference, regression analysis, forecasting, scheduling, linear programming, and project management. Prerequisite: MT 1020 or adequate score on MPT.

BU 2210 (AC 2210) Financial Accounting

This course examines basic concepts and principles of financial accounting. After covering the accounting cycle, emphasis is placed on the recording and reporting of financial information conforming to the generally accepted accounting principles published by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, its predecessors, and the Security and Exchange Commission. Prerequisite: either have Sophomore status, a declared Accounting major or permission of the instructor.

BU (AC 2220) Management Accounting

This course shows students how to generate information needed to help managers achieve goals and objectives. Students determine prices for products and services, decide whether or not to acquire equipment, prepare budgets, compare actual performance to budgets, decide what information is relevant to decisions, allocate costs to various activities in the organization and generate information in support of managerial decisions. Students receive instruction in a computer spreadsheet program and use spreadsheets to facilitate decision making.

BU 2310 (PA 2310) Business Ethics

This course examines the ethical aspects of individual and corporate decision making in business and provides resources for making ethical decisions within the context of managerial practice. Topics to be studied include the justification of free enterprise, the concepts of profit and private ownership, economic justice, the nature and moral responsibilities of corporations, consumers and advertising, affirmative action, and employee rights. Especially pertinent for those planning business careers, but designed for all interested students.

BU 2420 Organizational Behavior and Management

This course provides experiential study to explore the functioning of work group behavior. Specific interest areas covered include leadership, persuasion, organizational effectiveness, and other related topics that enhance the students’ ability to manage people and projects in an organization. Fulfills the LAS 2 requirement.

BU 2430 (CT 2430) Information Systems in Organizations

This course introduces students to how information technology is used in support of an organization’s ongoing strategy development and implementation as well as to provide management with information regarding the organization’s performance and in support of decision making. Students will learn about information technology support for customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and business intelligence as well as for streamlining operations and fostering innovation. Case studies about developing and implementing information systems will be analyzed for small, large, for profit, not for profit, bricks and mortar, and online organizations. Additionally, hands-on components of this course will focus intensively on current software used in a variety of business environments, preparing students for upper level courses and today’s workforce.

BU 2510 Principles of Marketing

This introductory-level marketing course is aimed at the marketing functions of a business, with emphasis on how strategies are developed and how the marketing mix is created to meet the wants and needs of consumers.

BU 2710 Small Business/Entrepreneurship

This course examines the process of entrepreneurship and its role in the economy. Entrepreneurship is explored not only as a set of personal attributes but from the perspectives of various contributing factors such as displacement and economic opportunity. Opportunity screening is discussed extensively and applied through individual and group projects as a foundation for successful profit and not-for-profit planning. The course considers the basic principles and functions of management, including essential record-keeping in the start-up and growth phase of the enterprise.

BU 3240 Investment Analysis

This course introduces students to securities and investment vehicles, the markets in which they are traded, and the methods of evaluating their prospects. This course will discuss the nature of risk diversification and introduce a variety of valuation models. Prerequisites: BU 2110, BU 2210.

BU 3310 Business Finance

This course concentrates on financial principles and their application to typical business problems in the operation of the business enterprise. Financial analysis and planning, working capital management, and the capital budgeting process are examined. Prerequisites: BU 2110, BU 2210.

BU 3410 Sales Management

This course focuses on one of the elements of marketing promotion, the selling function, with emphasis on planning, organizing, and staffing the sales department. Developing, directing and evaluating the performance of the sales force are also major topics. Prerequisites: BU 2220, BU 2510.

BU 3420 Human Resource Management

This course covers the complexities of managing the human resources of the organization. Topics include human resource planning, recruiting, selecting, training, evaluating performance, developing employees, and compensating employees. The course also covers current federal and state legislation in the areas of labor relations, health and safety regulations, and affirmative action. Prerequisite: BU 2420.

BU 3510 Marketing Research

This course examines marketing research techniques used to find the information needed for marketing decision-making. Topics include problem definition, design of research methods, questionnaire construction, data analysis, and the implications of the findings for marketing strategy decisions. Prerequisites: BU 2510 and either BU 2110 or MT 2310.

BU 3530 (CT 3530) Internet Marketing

This course evaluates the influence of the Internet on the world market. Topics covered include Internet applications in obtaining information from governmental organizations, direct marketing of products and services, marketing communication, and establishing marketing sites. Prerequisite: BU 2510.

BU 3540 (SM 3540) Sports Marketing

This course will examine the role of marketing in sports and recreation. We will focus on the structure of the sports industry and tactical use of a sports marketing mix. We will examine this industry from a range of perspectives: large multi-sport corporations to small recreation programs. We will also discuss the different needs of for-profit and not-for-profit entities. Additionally, the course will focus on event marketing: the planning, the budgeting, and implementation of events. Prerequisite: BU 2510.

BU 3610 Leadership

This course examines leadership as the critical interpersonal dynamic necessary for effective management.  It includes leadership assessment, leadership development, the process of leadership, productivity, motivation, and effective leadership styles and theories. Leadership in other cultures is examined. Current readings, research, and practical exercises are incorporated. Prerequisite: BU 1110, OL 1110, or SM 1510.

BU 3620 International Business

This course focuses on special issues of international management enabling students to compete in the current global environment. Issues covered include evaluation of how the legal, political, financial, competitive, and cultural environment affect international business strategies. Prerequisites: LAS 1-6 or permission of the instructor. Fulfills LAS 7 requirements.

BU 3710 (SM 3710) Recreation Facilities Management

This course is designed to prepare students to plan and manage sport and recreation facilities. We will study and discuss client needs and the theories involved in planning, constructing, and managing facilities. Consideration is given to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Using a traditional lecture and discussion classroom approach, as well as analysis of case studies, students should have a foundation and knowledge in the planning and management of facilities. Several field trips to both commercial and educational recreation facilities occur throughout the semester. The course will culminate with group projects presented to the class, which will reflect a foundation and expanse of knowledge in this field. Prerequisites: BU 2220, BU 2510, SM 1510.

BU 3720 (SM 3720) Event Management

Event Management is a form of marketing promotion activity where the organization and its brand are linked to a themed activity that the target audience experiences. Students will review contemporary practices in the industry as well as the history of marketing events. Event types for study will include sporting events, concerts, trade shows, conventions, festivals, and exhibits. They will be reviewed from the initial idea, to the development of a plan, to the execution and evaluation of the activity. In addition, fund raising for event activities and events specifically designed for fund raising activities will be discussed. Prerequisite: BU 2510. (2cr)

BU 3760 (SM 3760) Non-Profit Management

Non-Profit Organizations deliver much of our recreational activities, programs and opportunities. These organizations have their own management challenges. This course will focus on issues specific to non-profits, including board relations, managing volunteers, fundraising, and the rules governing non-profit status.  Prerequisite: Sophomore status.

BU 3810 Advertising and Promotion

This course focuses on the need to advertise, the media, consumer motivation, creating the message, the use of agencies, the design and use of promotion techniques, and the organization and functions of a corporate advertising staff.  Prerequisite: BU 2510.

BU 3840 (CO 3840) Edge Sports NH Practicum

Edge Sports NH is a commercial magazine operated by students and distributed through New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism welcome centers. This experiential course allows students to apply knowledge of outdoor sports or sales or writing or photography or PhotoShop and InDesign software as part-time employees of a real business. May be repeated for credit multiple semesters with permission of instructor.

BU 3880 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

This course provides an overview of the regulatory, legal, and political environment in which business operates. Emphasis is placed on how the legal environment influences decision-making. This course will present such topics as the legal system, anti-trust, consumer, and administrative law, and role of stakeholders in decision-making. Prerequisite: Sophomore status.

BU 3920 Business Law 

An introduction to the nature of law and the judicial system as it affects business. Torts, contracts, proprietorships, agencies, partnerships, and corporations will be considered.

BU 3990 Topics in Business

A changing selection of courses designed to offer a variety of enrichment studies in Business. The course may be repeated for credit with different topics.

BU 4040 Strategic Management 

The purpose of this course is to apply the various skills, competencies, and discipline-based perspectives students have experienced during their undergraduate careers toward solving problems likely to be faced in the world of work. Course work consists primarily of case studies that provide insight into analysis of environment and situation; risk-taking, personal and organizational values, tactics, and developing an organizational vision. Prerequisite: Completion of BU core courses.

BU 4045 Senior Project/Thesis Proposal

The first part of a sequential senior project or thesis to be completed during the senior year. The first section will prepare the student for a project/thesis to be completed the subsequent semester. This course will focus on the following requirements and strategies required for the successful completion of a major research project: research and reading required for the development of a thesis statement; proper online and traditional research techniques; resources and online databases; consultation with a research librarian; review of proper citation. Upon completion, students will have developed a project or thesis proposal and will be prepared to complete the proposed work the following semester. Prerequisites: concurrent or prior completion of core courses in the major. (1cr)

BU 4046 Senior Project/Thesis

The second part of a sequential senior project/thesis to be completed during the senior year. This course will entail the successful completion and presentation of a major research project or thesis related to the study of business administration. Through this project students will be expected to demonstrate: an understanding of relevant management theories, skill in numerical analysis and accountancy, as well as written and oral presentation. Students will work with a business faculty member as the thesis advisor, present to a committee of faculty members and defend their research in a public forum. Prerequisite: BU 4045. (3cr)

BU 4420 Operation and Production Management

This course introduces students to the theory and application of analytical tools that are used to design, schedule, operate, and control processes in the production of products and in the delivery of services by a business. Prerequisite: BU 2110.

BU 4510 Marketing Management

This course is designed to integrate various functional areas of marketing. The course takes the perspective of the marketing manager faced with developing the strategy for and the execution of a complete marketing program. Topics covered include the development of marketing objectives, the identification of problems and opportunities, creative problem solving, analysis of alternative strategies, and the review of implementation techniques for marketing programs. Prerequisites: BU 2510 and one other marketing course at the 3000-level. Senior status is preferred.

BU 4520 Consumer Behavior

Students examine consumer buying decision processes, consumer behavior models and their impact on the development of marketing strategies. The emphasis is on the application of behavioral science concepts to such marketing problems as pricing, packaging, branding, promotion, and retailing. Prerequisite: BU 2510.

BU 4810 Directed Study in Business

This course of study to be arranged between faculty and student. Contract required. May be repeated for credit. Variable credit (1-4).

BU 4830 Independent Study in Business

Advanced, independent study of a specific topic arranged with a faculty member. Contract required. Variable credit (1-4).

BU 4910 Internship in Business 

Qualified students apply knowledge and theories gained in class to real business situations. Students may work with cooperating employers on either a full- or part-time basis to achieve predefined objectives that have been developed and accepted by the student, the employer, and a faculty supervisor. The student’s internship is developed under the guidance of a business faculty member. Contract required. Variable credit (1-16).

BU 4920 Practicum in Business Administration

The practicum is designed to provide the student with an experiential learning experience in an area within business based on interest and availability. The practicum can be completed either on- or off- campus. Contract required. Variable credit (1-16).