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Wellness Minor

“Wellness” is an interdisciplinary minor within the Education Division combining physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health and well-being. Students in this program take courses in the three disciplines of psychology, biology, and kinesiology and learn to work with the whole person in order to restore or maintain balance and vitality in a person’s system.

Students in Wellness:

  • Appreciate the importance of self-responsibility in maintaining or building wellness;
  • Understand and apply the basic principles of health and wellness to their lives;
  • Develop and articulate their own views about various disciplinary perspectives relating to health and wellness;
  • Have a working knowledge of the major organ systems of the body, their structure and function, their functional relation to each other, and the anatomical and physiological elements critical to maintaining health;
  • Participate in self-awareness exercises in order to evaluate their own health habits and attitudes and determine a plan to build and maintain optimum health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual;
  • Know and are able to apply the working terminology and theories of integrative medicine;
  • Critically examine from multiple perspectives issues and research in health and wellness;
  • Develop a comprehensive theory of health and healing;
  • Develop a familiarity with the important contemporary issues in the field of wellness.

Wellness is a unique and innovative minor preparing students for the holistic and integrative trends that are and will characterize health care in the twenty-first century. It can be combined with any major, especially if a student is interested in cultivating greater health and wellness, and it is particularly well-suited for students in other health-oriented majors who want to broaden their perspectives on health. Students wishing to major in integrative health studies may do so by submitting an individually designed major. See your advisor for details. 

Requirements for the Wellness Minor (24 Credits)

  • BI 1030 – Concepts of Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • or BI 2030 and BI 2040 if a student has already taken these in her/his major.
  • KI 3510 – World Medicine
  • PS 1110 – Introduction to Psychology
  • PS 4250 – Health Psychology

Choose one elective from the following:

  • KI 2120 – Stress Management
  • KI 2150 – Fitness/Nutrition for Wellness

Choose 4 credits from the following:

  • BI 1020 – Foundations of Nutrition
  • CO 2020 – Interpersonal Communication
  • KI 1190 – Energy Exercises and Therapies (2cr)
  • KI 3990 – Topics in Kinesiology (2-4cr)
  • PS 2210 – Human Sexuality