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Keynote Speaker Dr. William Preble

Dr.William Preble will be the keynote speaker scheduled to present at the California Safe and Supportive Schools Annual Conference that is being held in Sacremento, CA on November 20-21

California Safe and Supportive Schools Initiative

Proposal for Sacramento Conference, Nov 2013

Dr. William Preble’s Keynote and Breakout Session Descriptions

Keynote Description

Nov 20th: A Practical Vision for School Climate Leadership and Action

In his keynote address, Dr. Preble will share a set of concrete strategies that schools across the country are using to effectively support, engage, and connect students to their teachers, peers, and schools.  Preble will show how successful teachers and school leaders are linking school climate improvement  to creating safe, respectful , rich, engaging, learning environments  in their classrooms and schools.  Dr. Preble will connect specific safe, supportive strategies, programs, principles, and activities to recent research on what students (and their brains!)  need in order to be engaged in school and to learn most effectively. Finally, Dr. Preble will offer a highly practical, overarching Theory of Action that school leaders can use to align and guide long-term, sustainable efforts, and  investments of time, treasure, and collective energy, to achieve sustained  impact on school climate and learning.

Breakout Session(s)

Nov 21: Powerful Practices: Action Steps, Programs, and Strategies for Improving School Climate and Learning

Breakout Session Description:

In this session, Dr. Preble will build on the information and ideas in his keynote address with an eye toward specific tools and strategies for effective action in schools and classrooms. He will explore a Continuum of Respectful Teaching Practices which offers a comprehensive guide for evaluating, understanding, and taking action to improve school climate and learning. He will share tools, materials, programs, and strategies that the Center for School Climate and Learning (CSCL) uses to help schools transform school climate and build safe, respectful schools. A variety of engaging, school climate leadership activities will be utilized. School climate data and research will be discussed, and participants will leave with a highly practical set of strategies and tools for building and sustaining respect and engagement in learning in their own schools.