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US Marines Partner Program

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Military Friendly SchoolNew England College (NEC) is proud to expand on its 70-year history of offering educational opportunities to active-duty and reserve Marines, as well as Marine Corps veterans. Through a partnership with the United States Marine Corps College of Distance Education and Training (CDET), Marine Officers may transfer credits earned in military training and apply those credits towards an MBA in Strategic Leadership (MBA SL) or a Master of International Relations (MIR) degree. As a result of this partnership, Marine Officers can take advantage of:

  • Significant CSC & EWS credit acceptance enables the fastest path to degree completion
  • $250 per credit hour military pricing
  • Elimination of out of pocket costs for qualified Marines with benefits
  • Relevant degree paths to help with career advancement

As seen below, those with previous CSC and EWS training could earn a Master’s degree by simply taking 4 or 5 courses.

Total Required Credits & Courses Transferable Credits Remaining Required Credits & Courses
CSC Training EWS Training
Master of International Relations (MIR) 36 Credits
9 Courses



16 Credits
4 Courses
MBA in Strategic Leadership (MBA SL) 40 Credits
10 Courses



20 Credits
5 Courses

The NEC transferable credit amounts are currently the most generous of any college or university in partnership with the US Marine Corps in the United States. Marine Corps officers who complete Command and Staff College (CSC) and Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) can transfer up to 20 credits toward the sought after MBA SL and MIR graduate degree programs. This gives Marines the credit they deserve for completing a world-class curriculum in the CSC and EWS training programs. Read more about these benefits.

Why the NEC’s US Marines Partner Program is so special:

  • Online Convenience
    Both programs will be delivered online. Read more about the courses.
  • Competitive Cost per Credit
    NEC offers a highly competitive cost of $250 per credit that is covered under most of the military education benefits offered by the federal government to the Marines.
  • Fewer Credits Needed Equal Quicker Completion & Lower Cost
    Fewer credits are required for completion of the NEC degree program equates to faster time to obtain your degree and lower costs of completion.
  • Accreditation NEC is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • Support System NEC has an office for Military Veterans to offer support as needed. New England College is a designated Yellow Ribbon college with multiple military-friendly recognitions.

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