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What is an Internship? 

The National Society for Experiential Education defines an internship as “a carefully monitored work or volunteer experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience.”

An internship at New England College is an academic, for-credit experience involving an agreement between an employer, a faculty sponsor, and a student. The three parties involved will create a structured experience at an employment site where the student will provide the employer with their work, talent and energy, while gaining knowledge and experience in a particular field.

Internships may be paid or unpaid (usually the latter), and may be in private, non-profit or government organizations.

Steps to Get an Internship at NEC 

1) Discuss your learning goals with your faculty advisor, and/or the professor in your major who will sponsor the internship. Describe your goals for an internships, and ask what kind of internship they think might be personally and academically appropriate for you.

2) Develop a resume of your current and prior experience. Career and LIfe Planning (CLP) can help you compose a resume, and it is strongly suggested that you meet with a career advisor at CLP for this purpose.

3) Make a list of possible internship sites. Faculty will often be able to provide information on interesting sites, as well as contact information. CLP also offers a wealth of information on internship sites. CLP will also locate new internship sites according to student need, subject to the approval of the sponsoring faculty.

4) Once you have a list of possible sites, contact the appropriate person at the site to discuss the possibility of an internship.

IMPORTANT: Your faculty sponsor or CLP may wish to contact the internship site sponsor first. In this case, ask your faculty sponsor or CLP when they will be able to do this, and when you can approach them for the contact and follow-up information. This will help keep you on schedule.

In the case of new internship sites, CLP will make the initial call for you.

Finally, CLP will help you with any letter, email or phone call you yourself will make.

5) Visit the site. After your initial contact with the site, make arrangements for an interview with the internship site sponsor. CLP will help you prepare for this conversation. At the interview, find out as much as you can about the prospective internship, and find out who your actual supervisor will be.

6) Fill out the NEC internship contract (See form attached) with your faculty sponsor, determine how much credit you will be awarded for the internship, obtain all necessary signatures, and bring the completed contract to the Registrar. Keep a copy for your own records. Please make sure the contract gets to the Registrar prior to beginning the internship. You will not be awarded credit that is not recorded!