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Integrated Studies in Philosophy & Literature

P&L_nec_yasinThe Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies in Philosophy & Literature offers an innovative combination of two disciplines whose chief concern is the human quest for meaning and purpose.

Through encounters with great literary and philosophical works, we strengthen your capacity for ethical and reflective thought, allowing you to refine your own thinking in light of the record of human intellectual and creative expression. The integrated curriculum of philosophy and literature fosters an appreciation of language and the art of thoughtful questioning. Both are central capacities without which meaning eludes us.

Learning to engage with a literary or philosophical text and apply it to real world challenges is an essential first step in human self-understanding. The practice of “deep reading,” as understood and developed in this major, is itself an experiential and engaged activity, often overlooked and undervalued in today’s technology-saturated world.

New England College commits itself to a curriculum that seeks to understand the natural and civic worlds/environments that are the basis for sustaining life and promoting human flourishing. To that end, philosophy and literature provide us with some of the most enduring and vital explorations of our relationship to both. This major complements every other discipline, providing a foundation for every profession, and a commitment to a life of human excellence.

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Integrated Studies in Philosophy & Literature: Learn by Doing at New England CollegeP&L-MFA-trip

  • Reading, reflection, writing, discussion, collaboration, communication, and understanding. Those are the hands-on skills you’ll employ daily in your work with faculty and your fellow students.
  • Integrated Studies in Philosophy & Literature at New England College is a distinctively designed program. Few schools provide a full course of study that so carefully integrates its curriculum. You can look forward to courses taught by faculty in both disciplines, providing a uniquely blended set of perspectives, styles, and methodologies.
  • Through engaging the literary imagination, you will strengthen your own capacity for sympathetic understanding and moral reflection on the relationship between self and other.

Career Opportunities in Integrated Studies in Philosophy & Literature
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  • The Integrated Studies in Philosophy & Literature program complements every other discipline at New England College, providing a foundation for every profession, and a commitment to a life of human excellence.
  • You will develop sound reasoning, creative questioning, and will demonstrate clarity of expression, all of which are highly valued and sought after skills in any profession. In fact, when visiting CEO’s or accomplished alumni speak at New England College, these skills are precisely those that they identify as most needed in the business and professional world.
  • While these skills or capacities provide a sound base for graduate studies in any discipline, they are particularly suited to the study of law, journalism, politics, and education.