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New England College also offers an education program that leads to New Hampshire State Certification. Contact us for more information.

Superb Reputation

New England College is renowned for its top-quality education department. As part of the department’s ongoing evolution, the Master of Education (MEd) conversion program leading to certification is offered to develop teacher leadership. Graduate students and NEC faculty work as a learning community to address real-world issues of teachers and schools.


Graduate courses are offered online. Many of the certification courses require an experiential (learning by doing) component. For example, this could include working in a school, tutoring students, helping create learning activities, or interviewing various professionals. When a student is enrolled in the Methods Practica (which occurs right before student teaching) or in Student Teaching, they are placed in a school within a 30-mile radius of New England College’s main campus in Henniker, New Hampshire. They also attend a seminar that is held on NEC’s campus. How and where students are placed can be discussed with the Director of Graduate Programs in Education when reviewing the courses needed to obtain certification.


How long it takes to obtain certification depends on these factors.

  1. Those wishing to become certified should work with the Director of Graduate Programs in Education to complete a degree audit that will detail the requirements met and those remaining to be met. The number of requirements to complete is a factor in how long it will take to become certified.
  2. The length of time to obtain certification also depends on how many courses a student wishes to take each 7-week term.
  3. Lastly, time to obtain certification depends on when courses are offered and whether a student has the prerequisites. Working very closely with the Director of Graduate Programs will allow the student to put together a plan to achieve certification in a timeframe that works for the student.

Designed for Current Professionals and Those Seeking Certification

The MEd at New England College is designed for individuals who are already certified teachers or who work with children or youth as well as for those who want to add a new certification or become certified. Individuals seeking teacher certification can earn certification alone or their MEd along with certification. In addition to academic preparation, courses associated with the MEd or teacher certification offer the highest level of professional interaction. Students use their broad range of teaching experience to work collaboratively to become effective teachers and leaders.

All certification candidates must complete all the required courses in one of the following tracks:

  • Elementary Education K–8
  • Physical Education K–12
  • Theatre Education K–12
  • Secondary Education: Mathematics
  • Secondary Education: Life Sciences
  • Secondary Education: History
  • Secondary Education: English

Note: All students pursuing certification take all the courses required to be certified in General Special Education K–12. Students who meet eligibility criteria can become dually certified. This does require two student teaching experiences, one in general education and one in special education.

Superb Faculty

Students study with New England College’s full-time faculty, as well as with highly respected practitioners and scholars from the community. The program is as firmly linked to the professional teaching community as it is to NEC’s outstanding Education department.

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