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College Convention

It’s civic engagement. It’s political awareness.
It’s hands-on experience. It’s once in a lifetime.

Did you run into George W. Bush in Walmart during his presidential campaign? Have you crossed paths with candidates when dropping off your recyclables? Probably not, but people in New Hampshire did. Do you have the opportunity to attend town-hall meetings with every presidential candidate? In New Hampshire, you do.

The political scene in New Hampshire revolves around retail politics—a style of campaigning that brings candidates and voters face to face at local events. And that’s just how Granite Staters like it.

That’s how New England College likes it too. Civic engagement is part of our DNA, and we encourage all students to get involved and let their voices be heard.

Every four years, New England College hosts the College Convention, open to students from all over the country and sometimes around the world. This once-in-a-lifetime event gives the next generation of voters the opportunity to come face-to-face with the people, issues, and process that shape presidential primary campaigns.

Students experience it all. They listen to leading candidates, witness the frenzy of national and international media, engage with the media, interact with candidates, and perhaps even get hired by campaigns on the spot.

The College Convention brings together students from a variety of educational backgrounds—from public, private, homeschool, and charter high schools to technical schools and colleges—to engage in the political process in an exciting, hands-on, and unique way.

As NEC students watch the political process unfold, they also come face to face with deeper ways to engage in their studies and pursue their careers goals. From bachelors programs in Communication Studies, History, Political Science, and Psychology to a fully online Master’s programs, NEC students apply their classroom experiences in real-world ways.

New England College is proud to be the only college in New Hampshire to host a primary convention for students. Parents and educators are encouraged to attend.


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