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Commencement – Name Pronunciation: HOW-TO-SAY-IT

  • One of the most memorable moments of your graduation is being recognized by the College, your classmates, and your family and friends as your name is read aloud and you walk across the stage to be congratulated by President Perkins. NEC wants to make sure your name is pronounced correctly! Please provide how-to-say-it direction below.

    If your name is pronounced as an American English speaker would normally pronounce it (John Smith, Elizabeth Long) this form is not required. With a name that has a non-traditional spelling or pronunciation, please tell us how-to-say-it.

    Provide Guidance to Pronounce Your Name


    Use phonetic spelling of your name:

    1. Syllables are separated by dashes
    2. Stressed syllables are capitalized


    Raul Gonzalez: rah-OOL gon-SAH-les
    Ngoc Nguyen: nahk nuhWEN
    Treise Bettelheim: trees BAY-tull-hime)
    Pandit Rathmasuthragandi: PAHN-deet rath-muh-sooth-ruh-GAHN-dee
    Tchien Tang: she-YEN TAHNG
    Ravi Patel: RAH-vee pah-TELL
    Myrstslv Yvtushnko: meer-ISS-ta-slahv iv-too-SHIN-kow

  • Print your name as you would like it read, and then tell us HOW-TO-SAY-IT.

  • When you submit this form, we will produce a card and give it to you on the bridge as you gather for Commencement.

    You will hand your card to a volunteer as you prepare to walk across the stage.