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Joint Media Advisory from New England College and the New Hampshire College and University Council

This afternoon we were delighted to learn that Governor Sununu designated $10 million from CARES Act funds for COVID-19 related support for private colleges and universities in New Hampshire. This step represents the most recent effort by the Governor to support all of higher education, both public and private, in New Hampshire. 

On behalf of all our private college and university colleagues in the New Hampshire College and University Council, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Governor for this decision. As you may know, private colleges contribute $5.6 billion to New Hampshire’s economy, educate 121,000 students (FY2018) and employ thousands of Granite Staters.

The Governor’s decision sends a clear message that private colleges and universities are an integral part of the higher education enterprise, committed to educating students who then choose to work and live in New Hampshire. These funds are critical to ensuring that every college student in New Hampshire has access to a safe and productive educational experience as we open our campuses again this fall. In addition, this funding reassures the communities home to private colleges and universities that each institution has the resources to open its doors safely and responsibly.

We are most grateful to Governor Sununu for his leadership and his steady and responsible stewardship of resources during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michele D. Perkins, Ed.D
President of New England College
Chair of the NHCUC Board of Directors
Debby Scire, Ed.D
President of the New Hampshire College and University Council
Chair of the NHCUC Board of Directors
June 11, 2020