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Hands On Year Round

New England College course offerings year-round!

NEC has thrown out its traditional “academic calendar” and is trailblazing a new and less expensive path to higher education. Year round course offerings – 5 semester choices per year – enables students to accelerate their development, reduce costs, and take further advantage of the campus’ environmental benefits.

“Our approach is really a response to what students want from us,” explains New England College President Michele Perkins. “Students want to earn a degree and move into the workforce more quickly. It’s a competitive job market today. So we are tailoring our course schedule to meet the changing needs of students. It is an option that can save them time and money.”

The New England College schedule will allow many students who desire an accelerated pace to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in three years, and potentially leave campus with a master’s degree in four years.

“We are determined to increase accessibility,” continues President Perkins. “Perhaps a student wants to enroll in a full course load in the summer and work a part-time job in the traditional spring semester. Our schedule welcomes that option. In fact, as this schedule develops it will provide increased flexibility for not only our traditional aged students, but for non-traditional working adult students and students enrolled at other institutions who wish to take just a few courses in the summer at a greatly discounted rate.”