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Through an exciting and innovative educational partnership, New England College (NEC) and the National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) are pleased offer NAEA members high quality, personalized, online graduate level courses and degree programs.

NAEA circle logo - webThe NEC/NAEA Alternative Education Leadership Program includes NEC’s Masters of Education degree (MEd), Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) programs, and its Doctorate of Educational Leadership (EdD).

  • Courses for the Certificate in Alternative Education will incorporate NAEA Exemplary Practices.
  • Accepted, matriculating students in the NEC/NAEA Alternative Education Leadership Program are eligible to apply for student financial aid.
  • NAEA members will receive a discount on the per credit cost for certificate courses.
  • All courses will be offered online, during NEC’s normal seven week term schedule.

Transform Education. Ignite Learning.

New England College is renowned for its top-quality education department and award-winning online programs. As part of the department’s ongoing evolution, the Master of Education, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, and Doctorate of Educational Leadership is offered to develop leaders who work to address real-world issues associated with pre-K through higher education.

New England College’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies helps dedicated educators develop the skills, knowledge, and grit they will need to improve their schools, change students’ lives, and reach their full potential as educational leaders.

Program Overviews

Master of Education (MEd) | Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)

Our online MEd and CAGS programs are comprised of high quality research-driven curricula and engaging personalized instruction.

Every MEd and CAGS course:

  • Is taught by NEC practitioner faculty, as well as faculty from NAEA, with outstanding professional experience and engaging and effective pedagogical skills.
  • Provides opportunities to work collaboratively and learn from peers.
  • Improves written communication skills and helps you gain competence as a writer.
  • Provides opportunities to use new instructional and learning technologies in the classroom.
  • Helps you gain confidence gathering, analyzing, and using data.
  • Fosters the development of leadership skills and the ability to design and implement effective, participatory educational reform.
  • Develops a sense of optimism about the power of teachers, students, schools, and communities to tackle and solve challenging educational problems.
  • Helps you develop leadership skills to improve the quality of education.

We know adult learners appreciate having options and choices in their professional development. A wide range of electives are provided each semester from which students can design their program of study to meet their professional needs and interests.

  • Choose a concentration that fits your interests and aspirations.

Doctorate of Educational Leadership (EdD)

The Doctorate program in Educational Leadership Pre K-12 and Higher Education Administration provides individuals with the understanding of organizational theory, innovative practice, and change management necessary to lead in diverse institutions and functional areas.

The Pre K-12 Leadership concentration and the Higher Education Administration concentration allows participants to develop expertise in specific settings and issues. The program engages students, faculty, and other members of the education community in integrated inquiry into issues that span our educational systems. This unique combination of deep understanding, expanded vision, and diverse professional networks positions participants for innovative, entrepreneurial leadership in a complex and changing world.

EdD Highlights:

  • Three-year, low residency model ideal for working professionals.
  • Applied research tailored to your current or future professional aspirations.
  • Dissertation and coursework integrated so you do not have to wait until all coursework is complete to begin your dissertation.
  • Support with a diverse cohort of peers.
  • Outstanding faculty who are practitioner-scholars from institutions across the country.
  • Shared expertise from professionals in the field throughout the program.
  • Use of technology and hybrid coursework to promote sustained engagement with classmates and faculty.
  • Bridging of issues that affect both Pre K-12 and higher education.

 Learn more about New England College’s Doctorate in Education.

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Debra Nitschke-Shaw PhD
Associate Dean of Education

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