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NEC to Increase Scholarship Aid to NH Scholars

In response to recent news that the NH Scholars program will offer STEM and ARTS pathways, New England College has offered an added incentive for local high school students. NEC is now offering higher scholarship aid for any New Hampshire student who chooses a STEM or ARTS pathway.

Basic NH Scholar recipients will qualify for $15,000/year minimum scholarship aid to New England College. Students who pursue the more challenging STEM and ARTS pathways will receive $20,000/year scholarships from the Henniker-based College.

“Access to a college education is critically important. NEC believes in opening doors and providing opportunity to students who decide early on to take more challenging course loads and who work hard to reach their goals,” explains New England College President, Michele Perkins. “These students have invested in their dreams, and so will we.”

As of this fall, NH Scholars is offering the new pathways. These new options require a minimum grade point average (GPA) as well as classes focused on each specific path. These rigorous programs created by NH Scholars serve as an incentive program for any student in New Hampshire to realize their dreams of a college education and a rewarding career.

“Based on changes and challenges of our economy, along with a focus on STEM-related careers, we are adding to our content and intensity,” explains Scott Power, director of NH Scholars. “We know the business community needs graduates who are skilled in STEM programs. We applaud New England College for investing in our local high school graduates, and for showing there is a direct benefit for the investment of hard work and dedication in high school.”

“This is an incredible development, and an exciting new incentive for students to recognize the opportunities they have in front of them,” explains Tom Raffio, chair of the New Hampshire Board of Education. “The NH Scholars new pathways will offer a compass to students, and now New England College is offering a way to make this process more affordable for families.”

“College administrators have made it clear that our schools must encourage students to reach higher and take advantage of the challenging classes that are available at the high school level,” says Dr. Virginia Barry, commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education. “By offering NH Scholars pathways as a new incentive, I believe this will boost overall college acceptance numbers and result in a better trained workforce.”

The NH Scholars STEM emphasis will require four years of English, math, and science, with an additional year of a STEM-related course. To receive this recognition, students must carry a 3.2 GPA while also taking social science and foreign language classes.

The NH Scholars ARTS emphasis will require the same basic standards as the traditional NH Scholars pathway, but students interested in this option must also take two years from a visual, fine arts, performing arts, or graphic design program. Business leaders say they recognize the value of providing different options to students.

The current NH Scholars program will remain. It will continue to require students to take four years of English and math, with three years of lab-science, 3.5 years of social science and two years of a foreign language to qualify for a NH Scholars medallion. There is no GPA minimum requirement for the traditional NH Scholars pathway.

NH Scholars is operated as part of the New Hampshire College and University Council, a coalition of 17-members colleges devoted to student development and quality higher education.