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Environmental Science vs. Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Degree programs in environmental science or environmental studies and sustainability both prepare students for careers dedicated to protecting the environment. However, while they share the same goals, professionals in these two areas work to achieve them in different ways. A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science prepares students for jobs that require expertise in biology, Read More

What Can You Do with a Master of Arts in Professional Writing?

A professional writing career can involve many different jobs and styles of writing. Most writers work simultaneously in more than one area. That includes writing books, grant proposals, technical manuals, marketing copy, informational website content, and press releases. Whatever the category, all writing jobs require clear and concise communication skills. Those who earn a master’s Read More

The Benefits of a Hybrid Program for an MS in Applied Data Analytics

Once considered a valuable addition to an organization, data analytics have quickly become its heart. Smart leaders use data-driven decisions in all aspects of their businesses. Data informs decisions on resource allocation, setting production schedules, and managing complex supply chains. This shift in business operations drives a growing need for those with expertise in data Read More

How to Become a 3D Artist

A 3D artist works in many different mediums to create three-dimensional models, animation, and visual effects. Their work appears in video games, television, and movies, and involves skills in traditional sculpture techniques as well as the use of computer software. Jobs for a 3D artist typically involve working on a team to complete a specific Read More

What Can You do with an Emergency Preparedness Degree?

With an emergency preparedness degree, you’ll help communities, businesses, and government agencies prepare for and cope with disasters.

What are the Career Prospects for Animation Majors?

Students who graduate with a BFA in Animation can look forward to an exciting, creative career. Start yours at New England College.

Should I Get a BA in Art or a BFA?

Choosing between a BA in Art or a BFA is an important decision for young creative artists. Explore your options at New England College.

The Value of an Associate Degree

An Associate Degree is valuable in many ways including higher paying careers and a greater understanding of the world. Study online at NEC.

Why NEC is a Military Friendly College

Military friendly from its inception, New England College offers programs and scholarships designed to help veterans and their families.

What Can You Do With a Human Services Degree?

With a human services degree you can help people through troubled times, counsel adults and youth, and help form social policy. Study online at NEC.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling?

As more people understand the value of good mental health, the number of clinical mental health counseling jobs continues to grow. They include careers in such diverse areas as mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, crisis and trauma counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and community service management. Both need and awareness have driven growth in the field. Read More

Which Cybersecurity Career Track is Right for You?

A cybersecurity career is both challenging and rewarding. Choose from either a technical or business cybersecurity career track from New England College.

What Is An Executive MBA?

An executive MBA focuses on analysis, strategy, economics, and leadership. Working professionals can earn their degree at NEC and advance their careers.

The Importance of Business Skills for IT Managers

IT managers must possess important business skills to integrate their technical expertise into business strategy. Learn these skills at New England College.

NEC’S Online College Experience Resembles Life On Campus

NEC’s online college experience focuses on bringing the campus experience, human interaction, and student support to the online format.

How Accounting Went Virtual on Short Notice

Online accounting jobs are quickly the norm as the industry responds to global events. Accounting students can get their degree online and work virtually.

What Can You Do With An MS in Computer Information Systems?

An MS in Computer Information Systems from New England College prepares students for technical and leadership roles in IT and computer technology.

New England College Online Admissions: What, How, When

New England College Online Admissions: All you need to know to get started at New England College. Start dates throughout the year. Study online at NEC.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Health Science Degree?

A health sciences degree prepares students for jobs in clinical practice, healthcare administration, and public health. Study online at New England College.

Is Online Therapy Right for You?

Online therapy has gained popularity. COVID-19 has focused attention on our collective mental health and increased demand for online treatment options.

Are Healthcare Administrator Jobs Growing?

Rapid growth in the healthcare industry has created millions of new jobs and expanded the number of hospitals, clinics, and community centers.

What Accounting Skills Will You Learn in an MSA Program?

To perform the modern role of trusted advisor, accountants must choose an MSA program that teaches the necessary accounting skills for today’s world.

Tech Tools for Accountants

New tech tools for accountants have changed the face of the profession and opened opportunities for accountants to serve as trusted advisors.

Should I Get an MFA?

Should I get an MFA? An MFA gives artists a chance to enjoy a formal education focused completely on their art and explore the limits of their chosen field.

Why Do Working Professionals Choose an Online Degree Program?

Working professionals who choose an online degree program immediately increase their value to their employers as they learn new skills while they work.

Biggest Environmental Protection Issues for Earth Day

Students interested in environmental protection issues may want to explore NEC’s bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and sustainability.

What Do I Need to Become a Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor?

The need for professional clinical mental health counselors is growing as more people understand the benefits of mental health counseling.

6 Areas Successful Digital Marketers Must Master

Digital marketers are in high demand & MBA students are taking notice. Find out what valuable skills help marketers in today’s competitive marketplace!

How Fast Can I Earn My Associate Degree?

Earning an Associates Degree provides many obvious benefits, but what about getting it faster? Check out how accelerated degrees can be earned in 15 weeks!

How an MS Degree Is Creating Leaders in Computer Information Systems

Earning an MS Degree in Computer Information Systems opens doors to top jobs including CTO & CIO. Learn more about the opportunities available to you!

What Can I Do with an MBA in Strategic Leadership?

Strategic Leadership is an amazing MBA concentration because of the MANY benefits it offers graduates. Here’s how strategic leaders are thriving!

Challenges Facing Modern Human Resources Managers

Complex business strategies & a tight labor market are creating HR challenges that require next-gen skills. Learn more about your HR career goals now!

Accepted Student Days: Get to Know New England College

NEC hosts Accepted Student Days to make college decisions easier by giving students and their families the opportunity to get to know us better.

For Love of the Game

John Stark Regional High School Gamer’s Club Visits NEC’s Esports Arena. Once a gamer, always a gamer. At least, that’s how the story goes for Tyrelle Appleton and Dr. Kevin Seeley. Appleton serves as the Esports Coach at New England College (NEC). Seeley—or Doc, as his students call him—doubles as a science teacher and Anime/Gamer’s Read More

Why Is Leadership Important in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts. Having top leaders in place to organize & execute properly is key. Learn how to become a successful leader now!

The Advantages to Earning a Master’s Degree Online – Beyond Flexibility

Online Masters Degrees offer tons of benefits for working adults & full time students! Other than being flexible, check out these amazing advantages now.

How A Master’s of Education Elevates A Teaching Career in New England

Your teaching career is waiting! From STEM to Alternative Education & English to History, find out how a Master’s of Education can elevate your career now!

Careers for Those with an MBA in Health Informatics

Love technology & the healthcare industry? Combine your passions with Health Informatics & become a manager, consultant or one of these high paying options!

Business Strategy: Recruiting & Staffing Skilled Workers in Today’s Market

HR Managers are implemeting a custom business strategy to recruite top talent. Check out these expert tips to attract skilled workers for your organization!

The Advantages of Earning a Graduate Degree Online

Online graduate degree programs have opened the door for working professionals to reach their academic goals. Learn more today about how NEC can help you!

Jobs For Those Who Earn a Master’s Degree in Public Policy

An MBA in Public Policy opens the door to endless career opportunities. From government to non-profit, check out what options you have with an MBA from NEC.

Preparing For Your First Online Degree Program

Whether you’re only considering or already participating in your first online degree program, these expert online learning tips will help you be successful!

Does a Master’s Degree Make You More Employable in New England?

Earning a master’s degree increases your chances for landing jobs in leadership and management. Read more about New England College’s master’s programs.

How Digital Marketing Has Changed Business Forever

Digital marketing in the past decade has transformed how businesses develop and implement marketing strategies. Read on to learn more about these changes.

Benefits of Earning a Five-Year Master’s Degree in Human Resources

Human resources management is in high demand & growing according to the BLS. Earn your MBA in HR Management in only 5 years with this 3+2 program from NEC!

How Earning an Associate Degree Can Change Your Life

Earning an Associate Degree can change the direction of your life in a very positive way. Learn more about the online undergraduate programs at NEC today!

New England College Launches Esports Program Led by Nationally Renowned Esports Player

Tyrelle Appleton Steps Out of Competitive Scene to Create NEC Esports Program; NEC Esports Arena Opens January 2019. To complement academic programs that teach game design, game theory, social media branding, and strategy, New England College has entered the exciting new world of esports with plans to give students access to a unique New Hampshire Read More

What You’ll Learn in a Master’s Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling is one of the fastest growing occupations in the healthcare industry. Learn more about what New England College’s program offers.

The Advantages for Engineers Earning a Project Management Degree

One of the foremost advantages of a project management degree is that it can vastly improve the chances of success with any given project.

Is an Art Degree a Waste of Time?

Consider the following advantages an art degree offers the next time someone tries to tell you that pursuing a degree in art is not worth the time.

The Vital Role of Strategic Sales Management in Business

There are many advantages to earning a business degree with an emphasis on strategic sales management. They include the following.

The Value of Earning a Business Degree With a Concentration on Computer Information Systems

Specialization has increasingly become the trend when it comes to earning a degree in business administration. The core knowledge needed to understand business processes remains critical for every  business graduate. But having expertise in a specialized area often makes graduates more attractive job candidates. The key is picking a specialization that matches your interests and Read More

The Critical Importance of Leadership In Data Analytics

Data now drives business decision-making. Rather than a trend that will peak and recede, data analytics is an area that only looks to grow in the coming decades. The collection of data is now something most companies have mastered. The challenge now is knowing how to use that data to make the best business decisions Read More

Opportunities for Strategic Sales Management Grads

Sales management is one of the most important positions in any business across all industries. Sales drives the success of an organization. It’s fair to say it is the life’s blood of any operation. Needless to say, companies are very judicious in choosing a person to manage sales. Doing so requires professional skills in sales, Read More

Hot Trends in Data Analytics and Business Statistics

Not long ago, the trends around data analytics and business statistics centered on data generation and collection. Now, the key phrase is data-driven. Most companies now know how to collect, store, and manage data. In some cases, they even know what data they most need to collect. But the focus remains: how do you put Read More

Key Skills an MBA in Strategic Leadership Offers

It’s a competitive business world. With global supply chains, data driven strategies, and innovative technology, businesses are arming themselves with the best tools and techniques possible to outperform the competition. But, as with all things in business, true success starts at the top. Without committed and skilled leadership, even the best-equipped organization may flounder. Business Read More

5 Reasons to Study Data Analytics

Data and Analytics Helps Executives Make Business-Defining Decisions Better and Faster Data Analytics is a growing field that focuses on using databases and statistical concepts to lead and direct decision-making that moves a business forward. Here are five (5) reasons you should study data analysis. You will: Join a lucrative field that is projected to Read More

Health Informatics – Be Part Of A Growing Profession

In the past decade, sweeping changes have been made to the methods by which healthcare operations collect, manage, and share patient records. Health informatics plays a key role in the implementation of these changes. Medical operations are adhering to federal mandates on using electronic healthcare records. This includes a transition from maintaining patient records on Read More

Technology and the Future of Project Management

Project management has become a critical part of many organizations, leading to significant increases in the demand for project managers. Around the world, the need for project managers outstrips the supply, according to the Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap report from the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMI report estimates by 2027, organizations Read More

Advantages of Earning a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems

One of the great aspects of working in computer systems is that technology has truly leveled the playing field. Those who dedicate themselves to learning how to work with hardware and software systems can carve out a career in this growing field. Earning a master’s degree in computer information systems (CIS) is a worthwhile pursuit. Read More

6 Reasons for Earning an MBA

Every person who works in business reaches a point in their career when they consider returning to school and earning a Master’s in Business Administration. An MBA is still considered the gold standard for those who want to move into executive-level positions where they have a strong influence on business strategy. But earning an MBA Read More

6 Reasons to Pursue a Degree in Education

Education is one of those professions that is as much a calling as a career. Few jobs offer the opportunity to have such a significant, positive impact on others. After all, who doesn’t have a favorite teacher (or two or three) that influenced their lives? Earning a degree in education has never been easier, especially Read More