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Communication with Parents and Faculty

Do Mentors communicate with Parents?

When students enroll in Mentoring, they give permission for Mentors to share academic information with parents. Academic information includes attendance information (when available), Mentoring meeting attendance, faculty feedback, course assignment information and grades/indicators provided during the term.

Mentors encourage students to share their accomplishments and challenges directly with their parents. Mentor communication is intended to follow these conversations and is typically done through e-mail.

Do Mentors communicate with Faculty?

Faculty members receive comprehensive lists of students enrolled in Mentoring twice during the term as well as individual outreach from Mentors. Faculty are also contacted when there are indicators a student is at risk. While faculty are not required to respond to inquiries from Mentoring, the program has positive, collaborative relationships with faculty and generally receives timely feedback.

On the occasions Mentors are not able to obtain information from a faculty member, information reported by students, graded assignments, NEWs and Mid-semester grades, and a review of Blackboard (if available) are used to determine a student’s progress.

When do Parents hear from Mentors?

In addition to the beginning and end of term, communication is focused around the time students receive academic indicators from the college (during week 6 and 9).   Additional communications would be individualized based on the needs of the student during the term.

What happens if there are concerns about a student during the term?

Mentors notify parents if students have not attended Mentoring appointments or responded to outreach for a week. In collaboration with parents and the Director of Mentoring, an outreach and communication plan will be developed and implemented.