Campus Safety Services
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Campus Safety Services

Courtesy Rides

Campus Safety officers provide rides (pending cruiser availability) when a student cannot drive because of illness or injury or when a student requests a ride on campus at night.

Facilities Access

To meet individualized educational needs, Campus safety officers provide after hour student access to New England College facilities with approval by appropriate staff or faculty members.

Student Identification Cards

The Department of Campus Safety provides student, faculty, and staff identification cards at the Campus safety Bldg.  There is no cost for the original ID card; lost or mislaid ID cards are replaced for a $25.00 fee.  Students are advised to be in constant possession of their ID card during the school year. It is the students’ only form of college identification and is used for access to Gilmore Dining Hall, the Danforth Library, student discounts, and other New England College activities.

Lost and Found

The College’s primary lost-and-found agency is the Department of Campus Safety.  Articles held at the Department of Campus Safety are stored for a semester. Unclaimed items will be regarded as abandoned after a semester and be disposed of at the discretion of the Director of Campus Safety. This policy also includes bicycles.

Operation ID  

Each semester, the Department of Campus Safety provides incoming students with an operation ID form to register the serial numbers of valuable personal property (TVs, VCRs, computers, stereos, etc.).    The completed form is retained by the Department of Campus Safety where it will be logged and filed.  If a registered item is stolen and recovered, the information contained in the pamphlet will aid in its return. Students are strongly urged to participate in “Operation ID”. Operation ID is also used to register bicycles that are used on campus. All bicycles must be registered on campus at no cost of the faculty, staff, or student.


The department of Campus safety provides investigative services of college Code of Student Conduct violations to assist the Associate Dean of Students in the Student Conduct process.

Parking Decals

The Department of Campus Safety issues parking decals and maintains all vehicle records. Parking decals are required for all vehicles on campus.  The decals address several groups of college participants:  Residential, Commuter students, faculty and staff, Gilmore Dining Hall Staff. Residential, Students living on campus and Commuter students are charged a fee per decal. (Prices will come in your accepted packages). There is no charge for Faculty, Staff and Gilmore Dining hall staff.

Parking Enforcement

The Department of Campus Safety is responsible for traffic enforcement on college property. Parking fines are based on the seriousness of the violation, which range from $20 up to termination of campus parking privileges.  Students have the right of appeal of tickets to an independent review board.

Event Security  

The Department of Campus Safety will provide event security for the numerous social and political events hosted at New England College.  Safety officers work with event planners and college officials to coordinate traffic control and building security for the event.  When the need arises, Safety officers will act as college liaison with local, state, and federal officials conducting the event.

Emergency Telephone Services

New England College strongly encourages the timely reporting of crimes, accidents, incidents and emergencies. Consistent with this philosophy, the College is fully integrated into the state 9-1-1 emergency contact system by having the capability to identify caller and location of 9-1-1 calls from college phones. Additionally, all 11 campus emergency telephones are programmed for direct 9-1-1 calls.

Campus Safety Hot Line

The New England College hotline – SEND (7363) – is a campus phone service designed for students, staff, and faculty to pass on information about incidents and behaviors in an anonymous fashion: this designated telephone line has no provisions for tracing calls, thus preserving the caller’s identity.  All calls are reviewed in a timely fashion by a designated Campus Safety employee.  Callers, at their discretion, may leave their name if they so choose, or may ask to speak with a member of Campus Safety.  Please note that this system is not intended for emergency issues that require immediate response.