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ESOL – English as a Second or Other Language

ESOL Program Catalogue Description

The English as a second or other language (ESOL) transitional program supports students whose first language is not English, and whose proficiency is more communicative than academic, in becoming successful college students. The program addresses all domains of language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, while focusing on usage in the academic setting. Students are expected to have varying levels of proficiency, and as such, a self-directed learning approach will be utilized to tailor the program to individual student need. Cultural aspects of North American schooling will also be addressed to allow students to identify differences in academic expectations, apply new knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and produce work to the standards of the North American system of assessment. A language through content teaching approach will be applied, with a commitment to the natural and civic environments will be reflected in the reading and topic selections.

New England College has been approved to run a Pathways program, which certifies our ability to grant visas that allow students to simultaneously develop English language skills while still earning degree credits. English proficiency tests will determine the level at which a student begins the program.

English proficiency test scores and course structure for undergraduate students.

Score Range



Pathways One


TEOFL 40-58
IELTS 4.0-4.5
PTE 43-45
DuoLingo 70-80

ESOL 1050/1060; full-sheltered instruction classes; 5 days per week, roughly 3 hours per day; Bridges course for communication support

ESOL 1050/1060 – 6 credits each
Bridges – 2 credits
TOTAL 14 credits


2 credits towards graduation
12 non-degree credits


Pathways Two


TOEFL 59-69
IELTS 4.6-5.0
PTE 46-52
DuoLingo 81-90

ESOL 1070/1080; 5 days per week, roughly 3 hours per day; one additional course – LAS 3 or Mathematics

ESOL 1070/1080 – 4 credits each
LAS 3/Math – 4 credits
TOTAL 12 credits

4 credits towards graduation
8 non-degree credits

Pathways Three


TOEFL 69-80
IELTS 5.1-6.5
PTE 53-58
DuoLingo 91-104

LAS Elective for skill-building; LAS 3 or Mathematics; introductory course in their major; composition w/composition for ESOL

LAS 1990 Elective: Critical Thinking and Cultural Awareness – 4 credits

LAS 3/Math – 4 credits

Major – 4 credits


WR 1010: Composition – 4 credits

WR 1011: Comp for Multilinguals – 2 credits


TOTAL 12-14 credits

Unconditional Acceptance


IELTS 6.5+
PTE 65
DuoLingo 105

Students coming from non-native speaking countries should attend ESOL orientation to be made aware of services, but ESOL classes will not be required; however, credit-bearing courses to enhance academic English skills will be strongly encouraged.

LAS 1990 Elective: Critical Thinking and Cultural Awareness – 4 credits


WR 1010: Composition-4 credits
WR 1011: Comp for Multilinguals-2 credits