Why Earn a Business Degree with a Computer Information Systems Concentration?
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The Value of Earning a Business Degree With a Concentration on Computer Information Systems

Why Earn a Business Degree with a Computer Information Systems Concentration? | MBA with Concentration in Computer Information Systems | New England College (NEC)Specialization has increasingly become the trend when it comes to earning a degree in business administration.

The core knowledge needed to understand business processes remains critical for every  business graduate. But having expertise in a specialized area often makes graduates more attractive job candidates.

The key is picking a specialization that matches your interests and skills. With the explosion in technology innovation in the 21st century, specializing in the management of computer information systems can put you at the center of an in-demand area in business. That’s because technology is now at the heart of every business.

Computer systems are central to every organization for storage of records, communications and the warehousing, collection and analysis of data. Data has become a key component of decision-making in almost every industry.

What can you expect to learn in such a program? Here’s a look at some of the areas of focus in a business administration program with a concentration in computer information systems, based on the courses offered by New England College in our CIS program.

Programming Logic and Design

The ability to analyze and improve technology systems begins here. Graduates from business programs that focus on computer information systems learn the principles of program engineering, data structure, basic algorithms and problem-solving. Students leave the program with expertise in developing, coding, testing, debugging and documenting program applications. They also learn the overall architecture and functioning of a computer system.

Object-Oriented Programming

In the past, programming started with a focus on the logic of the program. Object-oriented programming starts with the view that it’s more important to focus on the objects that the logic will manipulate, not the logic itself. An object can include everything from data on customers to the management of widgets. In the NEC program, students focus on learning object-oriented programming techniques. They learn practical application of these techniques to real-world situations, using concepts in classes, inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction.

Database Management

This is an area of critical importance to most organizations. The ability to collect vast amounts of data is no longer an issue. The issue now is the best practices for storing, managing and analyzing that data. Data lakes, data warehouses and data marts are part of what students will learn to manage. Graduates also have expert-level skills in data structure design and an understanding of how data structure works in connection with business policies and strategy.

Skills such as those above put a business administration graduate at the forefront of the use of innovative technology in computer information systems. That’s a combination of skills that every organization needs.