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Master of Science in Management: Sustainability

Gain a deeper understanding of sustainability in the global economy through New England College’s online Master of Science (MSM) in Management – Sustainability degree program.  This innovative program examines the roles and responsibilities of corporations in sustainable business practices, environmental law, natural resource management and sources of renewable energy giving insight into responsible sustainability practices.  Through New England College’s collaborative and experiential learning online program, you will learn theories of sustainability and best practices for implementation within organizations.


New England College’s Master of Science in Management – Sustainability degree builds your understanding and passion for creating change with sustainable business practices that while are responsible environmentally speaking, are also cost-effective within the organization.  Emerge as a leader in sustainability while developing traditional business skills including operations management, leadership, financial accounting and more.

  • Redefine your problem solving, critical thinking and leadership skills.
  • Explore the dynamics of natural resource management.
  • Develop an understanding in environmental law and the Clean Air Act.
  • Expand your knowledge of renewable energy options and operational implications.
  • Examine theories and strategies for creating sustainable communities. \

Core Requirements for MSM

  • MG 5110 – Organizational Management and Leadership
  • MG 6040 – Research Methods (2cr)
  • MG 6610 – Strategic Planning and Policy
  • MG 6410 – Professional and Organizational Ethics: A Global Perspective
  • MG 6975 – Strategic Capstone (2cr)

Sustainability Concentration

  • AC 5250 – Managerial Accounting and Finance for Leadership
  • ES 5510 – Sustainability: Principals and Models
  • ES 5650 – Sustainable Communities
  • ES 5850 – Sustainability in Practice: Renewable Energy
  • ES 6250 – Sustainability in Practice: Natural Resources, Environmental Law
  • ES 6610 – Value Chain and Operations Strategy

Contact Information

1.866.817.2226 (U.S. and Canada)
1.647.723.6680 (International)