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Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies | New England CollegeThe Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies offers you critical and historical perspectives on media and communication, and practical, hands-on training in the use of media technologies and communication strategies. Courses focus on:

  • Media criticism: who owns the media, what messages are they sending, and how should we interpret them
  • Media professions: journalism, public relations and advertising, video production, and radio programming and production
  • Media practices: writing for journalism and public relations, social media, website design, video production, radio broadcasting, and audio production and podcasting

Communication Studies focuses on improving your writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills – skills most sought by employers – as well as self-knowledge, or intrapersonal communication. You will have a good understanding of who you are and what you want to do post-graduation.

Consistent with our liberal arts foundation, a range of core and elective courses are offered to assure that you are broadly and deeply educated, including Freedom of Speech, Sport Communication, Learning to Look: Art and Media, Film: History and Criticism, and The Voice of Nature.

The signature experience for Communication Studies majors is an overnight trip to Walden Pond in Concord, MA associated with a 2-credit course focusing on the life and work of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The course integrates critical reflection on seminal readings from Thoreau and Emerson with experiential activities. The course includes experiential activities designed to recover “lost arts” essential to communicative competence in a techno-information age: journaling, handwritten letters, walking/sauntering, solitude and silence, poetic imagination, and getting to know nature and specific places.

Learn more about the program’s learning objectives, requirements, core and elective courses by clicking here.

Communication Studies: Learning by Doing at New England College

BA in Communication Studies | The NewEnglander college newspaper | NEC

  • Contribute to the college newspaper, The NewEnglander, practicing and honing design, editing, photo, PR and advertising, social media, and writing skills. The newspaper, in a broadsheet format, comes out every two weeks, while updates are provided via a website and social media.
  • New England College owns a widely distributed outdoor adventure magazine used in New Hampshire’s tourism industry, Edge Adventure NH. Work with other students to write, design, sell advertising, and publish the magazine, managing the process from initial concept to distribution.
  • Practice a variety of on-air and behind the scenes audio production and broadcasting skills at WNEC, the College’s radio station. WNEC is run by students with internships and supported by faculty, staff, and passionate WNEC alumni.
  • All students majoring in Communication Studies either get internships, especially in nearby Concord set up by the NEC Concord Center, or take an on-campus Practical Experience course.
  • If you are interested in public relations and advertising, project opportunities include promotional work for campus organizations, like NEC Athletics, as well as gathering spaces like the campus pub. Students also promote events, and do PR work for their own (hypothetical or real) small business or nonprofit. Many get internships in Concord for a variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Career Opportunities in Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts degree | Career Opportunities in Communication Studies | New England College

Recent graduates have started careers in a wide range of organizations, from small businesses and regional nonprofits to ESPN and The United Nations. Opportunities include:

  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Nonprofit Advocacy
  • Journalism – newspaper, magazine
  • Radio production
  • Social Media
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales

In addition, if you explore all aspects of communication study, you’ll have a broad spectrum of professional opportunities when you graduate – no matter what your career path, communication is a core skill set highly desired by employers.