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Faculty and student working in the printmaking lab
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Name Title Email Phone
Academic Affairs 603.428.2235
Accorto, Carlo Assistant Director of Campus Safety 603.428.2644
Admission—Graduate and Professional Studies 603.428.2252
Admission—Military 603.428.2252
Admission—Undergraduate On-Campus 603.428.2223
Admission—Undergraduate Online 603.428.2252
Advancement 603.428.2300
Aikens, Virginia Academic Mentor 603.428.2383
Alger, Mary Ellen Professor, Kinesiology 603.428.2219
Alrai, Imran Lecturer, Data Analytics
Alumni Relations 603.428.2300
Amato, Paula Executive Vice President and CFO 603.428.2461
Andrewski, Stanley Campus Safety Officer 603.428.2323
Antczak, Zofia Area Coordinator, Residence Life 603.428.2334
Archer, Christopher Assistant Professor, 3D Studies 603.428.2614
Athletics 603.428.2426
Aucoin, Samantha Head Women's Lacrosse Coach 603.428.2317
Audette, Jessica Student Account Specialist
Baird, Mckayla Payroll Coordinator
Baker, Randy Shuttle Driver
Balsamo, Ashley Financial Aid Counselor 603.428.2639
Banga, Travis Head Coach, Golf
Barrow, Carlyn International Student Advisor
Beeso, Megan Director of Writing and Academic Support Center 603.428.2393
Bertolero, Kevin Lecturer, Undergraduate Create Writing
Bibeau, Gavin Program Coordinator, Student Engagement
Bieksha, Molly Assistant Athletics Director 603.428.2360
Birchmeier, Allie Director of New-Student Programs 603.428.2248
Blase, Kristen Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services 603.428.2226
Bordage, Jay Associate Professor, Art 603.428.2361
Bowman, Olivia Undergraduate Admissions Counselor 603.428.2632
Boyadjian-Haddad, Sylva Professor Emerita, Comparative Literature and English
Brennan, Elizabeth Director of Academic Advising 603.428.2299
Bridson, Zachary Head Assistant Men’s Wrestling Coach
Brooking, Shavonne Graduate Admissions Counselor 603.428.2594
Brooks, Erin Director, Mentoring 603.428.2314
Brown, Jedd Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse 603.428.2313
Brown, Molly Lecturer, Humanities
Brown, Patrice Lecturer, Education
Brown, Stephanie Financial Aid Coordinator 603.428.2488
Buciak, Alexandra Professional Tutor
Buck, Jason Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students 603.428.2533
Bulk, Kathleen Student Financial Services Processing Specialist 603.428.2226
Burke, Emily Transcript Evaluation Coordinator 603.428.2206
Callahan, John Director of Online Military Programs 603.428.2274
Campus Safety—Henniker 603.428.2323
Career and Life Planning
Carne, Lisa Academic Mentor
Carozza, William Lecturer, Doctorate of Education
Carr, Bill Professional Tutor 603.428.2276
Carrier, Maxim Helpdesk Technician I
Carroll, Tom Head Coach, Men's Ice Hockey 603.428.2294
Casbarian, Jean Marie Studio Advisor, MFA Visual Arts
Cases, Marisa Science Laboratory Coordinator 603.428.2464
Cass, William Associate Professor, Printmaking 603.428.2619
Cassel, Brittany Admissions Counselor, International Programs 603.428.2353
Chapman, Heather Mail and Copy Center Supervisor 603.428.2343
Charter Coffee House 603.428.2637
Chartwells Dining 603.428.2244
Chase, James Associate Professor 603.428.2601
Chelland, Fran Associate Dean for Liberal Arts Education and Professor, Humanities 603.428.2288
Christie, Lauren Administrative Assistant to the Management Division
Cilento, Sean Senior International Student Advisor 603.428.2858
Coe, Megan Administrative Assistant, Graduate Admissions 603.428.2353
Colbert, Carrie Associate Professor, Business Administration 603.428.2438
College Store 603.428.2220
Conmy, Kris Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics 603.428.2326
Conroy, Shannon Lecturer, Chemistry
Cook, Geoffrey Assistant Professor, Biology and Health Science 603.428.2471
Cooper, Olivia Senior Financial Aid Counselor 603.428.2226
Corbett, James IT Helpdesk Manager; Head Women’s Wrestling Assistant Coach 603.428.2339
Corbett, Patricia Vice President of Academic Affairs 603.428.2908
Courville, Michael Academic Mentor 603.428.2640
Cowan, Donna Accounts Payable Coordinator 603.428.2416
Crasper, Bryce Lecturer, Doctorate of Education Dissertation Committee
Crawford, Jennifer Doctorate in Education, Dissertation Committee
Crimmins, Gail Instructor, Executive Master's/Computer Information Systems Program
Croswell, Sky Vice President of Marketing and Communications 603.428.2418
Cusson, Phil Maintainer—Manchester
D’Alessandro, Christina Financial Aid Counselor 603.428.2925
Dadian, Sara (Sunny) Marketing Coordinator 603.428.2606
Dale, Christopher Professor Emeritus, Sociology
Daufen, Brittany Undergraduate Enrollment Operations Coordinator 603.428.2362
DeCew, Dave Director of Athletics 603.428.2292
Decoteau, Nicole Director of First-Year Writing and ESOL, Visiting Assistant Professor 603.428.2439
Delahanty, Dr. Michael Lecturer, Graduate Education
Dell'Anno, Claudia Lecturer, Graduate Education
DeMoura, Nancy Senior Campus Communications Technician 603.428.2275
Deptula, William Vice President of Advancement 603.428.2296
DeRosa, Raymond Director of Wrestling 603.428.2346
DesMarais, Erin Director of Advancement Services 603.428.2249
DiCiaula, Graziano Assistant Director, Residential Life and Housing 603.428.2605
DiGrazia-Almeida, Shara Social Media Strategist 603.428.2225
Dillon, Stephen Campus Safety Officer (Henniker Campus) 603.428.2323
Dimitrova, Albena Assistant Professor, Game Design and Digital Media 603.428.2651
Diversity and Inclusion 603.428.2293
Domanski, Anne-Marie Accounts Payable Clerk 603.428.2621
Dowling, Beth Dean of Academic Operations 603.428.2239
Doyle, John (Terry) Head Baseball Coach 603.428.2910
Driscoll, Hope International Programs Advisor 603.428.2443
Dudovicz, Phillip Instructor, Health Informatics
Dunlop, Debra Associate Dean of Natural & Social Sciences Division / Professor, Biology and Health Science 603.428.2233
Dutton, Elizabeth Associate Director of Student Financial Services 603.428.2385
Events 603.428.2479
Facilities (SSC) 603.428.2254
Fanjoy, Tricia Associate Professor of Nursing 603.428.2791
Feely, Rebecca Associate Director of Admission 603.428.2412
Fitness Center 603.428.2280
Fleagle, Megan Graduate Operations Coordinator 603.428.2289
Fragala, Michael Lecturer, Health Informatics
Franca, Frank Studio Advisor, MFA Visual Arts
French, Rachael Director of Student Engagement, Part-Time Lecturer 603.428.2429
Fuller, Travis Helpdesk Technician I 603.428.2490
Furtkamp, Darryl Associate Dean for the Division of Art and Design 603.428.2363
Gabris, Necole Lecturer, Nursing and Health Professions
Galatas, Daphne International Student Advisor dgalatas@nec.edu
Galatas, Daphne International Student Advisor 603.428.2427
Gallagher, Craig Assistant Professor, History 603.428.2432
Gay, Robert Executive Director of SGPS Admissions
Gearan, Daniel Assistant Vice President, Capital and Facilities Management 603.428.2372
Gervais, Melissa Accountant
Giannotti, Nina Assistant Director of International Programs 603.428.2427
Gibbs, Patricia Assistant Professor, Art and Design 603.428.2610
Goodwin, Rebecca Doctoral Writing Coach
Gordon, Melissa Administrative Assistant, Advancement 603.428.2478
Gray, Vernon Lead Campus Safety Officer 603.428.2434
Greene, Cassey Professional Tutor 603.428.2311
Grey, Leslie Student Accounts Receivable Specialist 603.428.2408
Griffin, Sarah Senior HR Generalist 603.428.2359
Grimes, Matthew Graduate Admission Counselor, Domestic 603.428.2281
Grotheer, Bridgette Curriculum and Graduation Specialist 603.428.2929
Gruenfelder, Claire Director of Human Resources 603.428.2240
Guevin, Gary Campus Safety Flex Officer
Gunnery, Sarah Associate Professor, Psychology 603.428.2270
Gustafson, Sarah Administrative Assistant, Science, Health, and Education Division
Gymziak, Paul Part-Time Director of Facilities, Manchester 603.428.2607
Haddad, Farid Professor Emeritus, Art
Hamilton, Madison Assistant Athletic Trainer
Hanrahan, Chelsea Director, NEC Libraries; Professor 603.428.2344
Hanson, Jacqueline Academic and Public Services Coordinator 603.428.2344
Harmon, Ian Dean of Student Success 603.428.2420
Harrington, Amanda Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor 603.428.2286
Harris, Colleen Lecturer, Theatre
Harte, Ian Assistant Technical Director 603.428.2454
Harte, Kaitlyn Assistant to the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs 603.428.2261
Haskins, Veronica Payroll Specialist 603.428.2332
Hawk, Robert Online Course Support Specialist
Heiser, Ciji Lecturer, Graduate Education
Henning, Gavin Professor of Higher Education 603.428.2444
Henning, Terri Professional Tutor
Herner, Amy Graduation and Program Specialist 603.428.2929
Heroux, Kevin Financial Aid Counselor 603.428.2371
Hewitt, Holly Event Coordinator
Hillson, Karen Assistant Professor, Art 603.428.2648
Hirschfeld, Isaac Registered Nurse
Holt, Heather Financial Aid Counselor 603.428.2226
Homestead, William Associate Professor, Communication Studies 603.428.2336
Horesh, Yoav Associate Professor, Photography 603.428.2656
Howard, Sachie Professor Emerita, Humanities
Hubbard, Richard Associate Professor, Criminal Justice 603.428.2451
Hull, Jessica Nurse Practitioner/Medical Director, Wellness Center 603.428.2267
Human Resources 603.428.2359
Information Technology Help Desk 603.428.2350
International Student Advising 603.428.2241
Jacobs, Maria Contract Coordinator 603.428.2936
Jadlocki, Christie Administrative Assistant, Nursing and Health Professions 603.428.2217
Jalili, Ali Reza Professor, Business 603.428.2327
Johnson, Christopher International Student Advisor 603.428.2427
Johnson, James Visiting Assistant Professor, First-Year Writing 603.428.2232
Johnson, Kimberly Assistant to the Executive VP and CFO
Jones, Bethany Assistant Director of Academic Advising 603.428.2297
Jones, Frank Assistant Professor of the Practice, Criminal Justice 603.428.2395
Jones, Heather Head Athletic Trainer 603.428.2260
Jones, Kathryn Wellness Counselor 603.428.2253
Jones, Tim Visiting Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 603.428.2423
Jurgens, Michele Associate Professor, Business Administration 603.428.2328
Keiner, Paul Professional Tutor 603.428.2276
Kelly, Kevin Head Football Coach
Kevlin, Guiliana Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Khoury, Matt Director of Student Conduct, Part-Time Lecturer 603.428.2318
King, Ashley Institutional Research Analyst 603.428.2419
Kowalik, Kyrie Lecturer, Political Science 603.428.2591
Koziol, Lori Professor, Biology and Health Science 603.428.2449
Kralik, Robin Program Coordinator for Online Education 603.428.2413
Kraytenberg, Steven Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach 603.428.2279
Ladd, Daniel College Store Manager 603.428.2224
Lattner, Alex Registrar 603.428.2331
Laughlin, Patrick Head Men's Soccer Coach 603.428.2447
Lawson, Joan Lecturer, Management and Visiting Assistant Professor, MS in Computer Information Systems
Ledy, Erica Head Coach, Women's Basketball 603.428.2435
Lee Clement Ice Arena 603.428.2406
Lesperance, Jr., Dr. Wayne President 603.428.2222
Loiselle, Muriel Coordinator of Campus Visits 603.428.2223
Long, Doreen Associate Dean of Students 603.428.2303
Lunderville, Amanda Lead Custodian
Lyons, John Professor Emeritus, Business
MacIntosh, Katrina Administrative Assistant to the President 603.428.2477
MacNeil, Maura Professor, Creative Writing 603.428.2304
Mail and Copy Center 603.428.2312
Mainstage Theatre Reserve Your Tickets 603.428.2382
Malo, Kimberly Medical Assistant 603.428.2253
Mambro, Kayla Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Part-Time Lecturer 603.428.2639
Manteau, Sebastian Senior Student Support Specialist 603.428.2226
Mardin, Lydia Admissions Operations Coordinator 603.428.2733
Marine, Susan Instructor, Doctorate of Education
Markley, Angela Lecturer, Education
Martin, Cynthia Burns Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness/Professor of Business Administration 603.428.2214
Martin, Timmy Assistant Registrar and Military Services Coordinator 603.428.2227
Mason, Charlie Head Coach, Men's Basketball 603.428.2396
Master, Ben Head Coach, Softball 603.428.2213
Mather, Chelsea Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Matthews, Dana Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
McAllister, Jennifer Mental Health Coordinator 603.428.2609
McCarthy-Madore, Caitlen Dissertation Committee
McCay, Patrick Professor, Fine Arts 603.428.2611
McCrory, Julie Academic Mentor 603.428.2282
McDermott, Inez Professor Emerita, Art History
McDivitt, Duncan Lead Dispatcher 603.428.2323
McElveen, Colleen Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications
McGhee, Stephanie Director of Student Access and Accommodations 603.428.2302
McGrevey Jr., Thomas Professor Emeritus, Business
McQueen, James Institutional Research Analyst/Data Specialist
Meegan, Mackenzie Head Coach, Women's Ice Hockey 603.428.2406
Mentoring 603.428.2314
Militello, Jennifer Program Director, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing 603.428.2309
Millard, Robert Head Coach, Alpine Skiing 603.428.2484
Miller, Daniel Director of Financial Aid 603.428.2414
Miranda, Patricia Master of Fine Arts Mentor—Manchester Campus
Mitch, Mark Associate Professor, Environmental Science 603.428.2354
Mitchell, Rick Program Director, Computer Information Systems 603.428.2935
Monroe, Jennifer Lecturer, Humanities
Montenegro, Erick Dissertation Reader, EdD Higher Education Administration
Moore, Jennifer Senior Financial Analyst 603.428.2533
Morgan, Andrew Professor, Creative Writing 603.428.2349
Morgan, Kimberly Lead Instructional Designer
Morris, Jessica Associate Professor, Education 603.428.2937
Morrison, Kirsten Head Women's Volleyball Coach 603.428.2387
Mozdierz, Devon Gallery Director and Visiting Assistant Professor 603.428.2517
Muniz, Carlos Senior Network Administrator 603.428.2511
Muniz, J. Visiting Instructor, Computer Information Systems 603.428.2350
Murtha, James Senior Vice President of Academic Alliances 603.428.2284
Nadelman, Cindi Professor, Business Administration 603.428.2909
Nash, Ashleigh Assistant Director of Admissions 603.428.2392
Nelson, Hannah Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, SHE Division
New Student Program 603.428.2248
Newcomb, James Professor, Biology and Health Science 603.428.2374
Nitschke-Shaw, Debra Senior Professor of Higher Education
Novak, Katie Instructor, Doctorate of Education Dissertation Committee
O'Campo, Esteban Studio Advisor, MFA in Visual Arts
O'Rourke, Ryan Associate Professor, Illustration 603.428.2649
O’Connor, Aibhlin Admission Counselor 603.428.2341
O’Keeffe, Ann Program Manager, Graduate and Professional Programs 603.428.2467
Pantano, Laura Lecturer, Doctorate of Education
Parker, Carolyn Associate Professor
Parnell, Amelia Instructor, Doctorate of Education
Parra, Lina Director of Spanish Language and Graduate Management Programs
Partridge, Bryan Professor, Writing 603.428.2388
Partridge, Daniel Advancement Services and Research Coordinator 603.428.2934
Pathways Academic Success Services 603.428.2562
Pellegrino, Richard Assistant Professor, Illustration 603.428.2645
Pentheny, Hallie Controller 603.428.2409
Pepper, Gregory Director of Campus Safety 603.428.2323
Phillips, Cole Instructor, Creative Writing
Poirier, Jessica Administrative Assistant 603.428.2617
Pollak, David Associate Professor, MS in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) Graduate Programs; Program Director, Executive MSCIS and Data Analytics 603.428.2687
Posso, Belkys Online Course Coordinator
Poznanski, Brad Executive Director of International Enrollment 603.428.2390
Preble, Bill Professor, Education 603.428.2210
President’s Office 603.428.2222
Prudhomme, Emily Senior Graduate Admission Counselor - International 603.428.2251
Public Relations & Communications 603.428.2418
Purdum, Jennifer Studio Advisor, MFA Visual Arts
Ramsey, Rachael Lecturer, Doctorate of Education
Ramseyer, Tod Associate Professor, Mathematics and Physics 603.428.2316
Rattray, Russ Associate Professor; Associate Director, Library 603.428.2344
Registrar’s Office 603.428.2203
Residential Life and Housing—Henniker 603.428.2242
Resmini, Dr. Jennifer Lecturer, Graduate Education
Reynelli, Amy Visiting Instructor and Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Rice, Ronee Lecturer, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Rodgers, Bailey Area Coordinator
Rooney, Gail Dissertation Reader, Education
Rowland, Mark Associate Professor/Distance Services and Instruction Librarian 603.428.2352
Royer, Ed Associate Professor of Sport and Recreation Management 603.428.2542
Rubin, David Vice President of Information Technology 603.428.2509
Ruckman, Matthew Associate Professor, Sport and Recreation Management 603.428.2692
Rupp, Michael Assistant Director of Athletics Communications 603.428.2426
Ryan, Daniel Instructor, Communications Studies
Safer, Madison Instructor, Illustration
Salinas, Kevin Assistant Coach, Women's Ice Hockey
Saunders, Robin Instructor, Executive Master's/Computer Information Systems Program
Scarborough, Erricka Senior Graduate Admission Counselor 603.428.2906
Scheffer, Glen Associate Professor, Photography 603.428.2655
Sciria, Shannon Career Counselor 603.428.2367
Scott, Justin Campus Safety Office
Searle, Tracy Associate Director of Communications 603.428.2237
Senay, Holly Director of Events 603.428.2489
Senft, Denise Accounting Assistant 603.428.2226
Service, Sara Administrative Assistant, Registrar's Office 603.428.2337
Shalda, Duncan Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 603.428.2405
Shepherd, Scott Assistant Registrar, Transfer Services 603.428.2306
Shrader, Nathan Associate Professor of Politics 603.428.2591
Sieka, Margie Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Sigauke, Erica Director of Diversity and Inclusion 603.428.2293
Silva, Lucas Area Coordinator 603.428.2347
Simon, Eric Professor, Biology and Health Science 603.428.2271
Sindoni, Caroline Lecturer, Education
Smith, Angela Dean of Nursing and Health Professions 603.428.2209
Space, JoEllen Lead Instructional Designer
Staley, Josh Director, Esports 603.428.2593
Stephens, Elise Instructor, Graphic Design
Stodolski, Alexander Lecturer, Data Science and Computer Information Systems
Struven, Sarah Campus Safety Officer/Investigator 603.428.2323
Stuart, Glenn Professor Emeritus, Theatre 603.428.2454
Student Access and Accommodations 603.428.2302
Student Development 603.428.2241
Student Engagement 603.428.2429
Student Financial Services 603.428.2226
Sullivan, Meredith Academic Advisor 603.428.2799
Sweeney, Carly Head Coach, Women's Field Hockey 603.428.2401
Tellifson, Richard Assistant Director, Facility Management 603.428.2636
Theater Box Office Reserve Your Tickets 603.428.2382
Theodore, Toby Senior Graduate Admission Counselor (Domestic) 603.428.2333
Thibault, Kristine Associate Professor, Education; Director of Teacher Certification 603.428.2215
Thompson, Jacquelyn Assistant Director of Housing Operations 603.428.2242
Thompson, Tiffany Instructor, Doctorate of Education Dissertation Committee
Tortington Arms Pub 603.428.2208
Training Room 603.428.2260
Tummidi, Sudheer Kumar Lecturer, Graduate Computer Information Systems
Tutoring 603.428.2276
Twombly, Anna Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 603.428.2398
Ullman, Jacqueline Dissertation Reader
Vaidya, Mukul Database Administrator 603.428.2498
Valente, Jessica Graphic Designer
Valiquet, Carolyn Administrative Assistant, Wellness Center 603.428.2253
Vazquez, Paul Head Coach, Women's Soccer 603.428.2263
Veterans Affairs 603.428.2909
Viti, Raelyn Professor, Outdoor Education 603.428.2468
Walker, Casey Associate Director of Graduate Admissions 603.428.2357
Walsh, Alexander Assistant Professor, Psychology 603.428.2231
Walsh, Jim Associate Dean of the Humanities Division 603.428.2285
Walton, Adam Lecturer, Humanities
Wayman, Susan Director of International Programs 603.428.2443
Weber, Jeff Director, Listening Room Music Series
Welch, Rian Graduate Internship Coordinator 603.428.2446
Wellness Center 603.428.2253
White, Karen Lecturer, Executive MBA
Widschwenter, Sky Human Resources Generalist 603.428.2218
Wiggin, Jessica Visiting Assistant Professor, Nursing and Health Professions
Wilkinson Hartung, Erin Dean of Management; Associate Professor, Business Administration 603.428.2301
Wirkkala, E. Anne Administrative Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness 603.428.2437
Wolffe, Karen Dissertation Committee
Wright, Sam Administrative Assistant, Humanities 603.428.2236
Young, Matthew Associate Professor, Natural and Social Sciences 603.428.2370
Zahn, Julie Assistant Vice President, Campaign and Leadership Gifts 603.428.2342
Zamudio, Alfredo Faculty, MBA Spanish Language Program
Ziskal, Stephanie Assistant Director of International Graduate Recruitment 603.428.2463

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