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Bachelor of Arts in Education | New England CollegeIf you have the desire and passion to transform the lives of students, become a teacher. In the New England College Bachelor of Arts in Education program you will:

  • Learn how to become a teacher by being a teacher, beginning in your first semester and throughout your four years, and in multiple educational settings
  • Discover how to make curriculum meaningful and engaging while connecting different content areas
  • Watch your faculty model effective teaching strategies that actively engage students and build scaffolds to help all students meet with success
  • Become versed in K-12 curriculum, developing an understanding of what students learn in all grades
  • Learn how to meet the diverse needs of every child who enters your classroom by identifying the talents that exist within every child
  • Grow and learn from amazing teachers and educational leaders by working directly with professionals within our partner schools

Every semester you will have the opportunity to work with our partner schools. You will take what you learn in the college classroom and apply it to real-world problems in classrooms with students of all ages and in different programs. Immerse yourself in teaching and learning throughout your program and participate in a fifteen hour a week practical experience the semester before your final, full-time student teaching experience.

Bachelor of Arts in Education: Certification Areas

  • Elementary Education K-8
  • General Special Education K-12
  • Physical Education K-12
  • Secondary Education – English 5 – 12
  • Secondary Education – Life Science 7 -12
  • Secondary Education – Social Studies 5 – 12
  • Theatre Education K-12

Non-certification Concentration:

  • Educational Communities

Learn more about the program’s learning objectives, requirements, core and elective courses by clicking here.

Education: Learn by Doing at New England College

Bachelor of Arts in Education | New England College | Students gain valuable classroom experience in our partner schools and learn to teach by teaching.Teach at our partner schools. There is no better way to learn about teaching then to actually be in a classroom teaching. Work alongside professional educators: starting in your first semester and in every semester thereafter. 

Build curriculum. You’ll learn how to modify and adapt curriculum in real-life school settings so all students can meet with success. Whether you are teaching first graders or juniors in high school you will be able to help all students. You will engage in a variety of courses that will help you meet the needs of the diverse learners in your future classrooms.

Teach a variety of subjects and develop the Habits of Mind to be an effective teacher. Learn from your faculty as they demonstrate effective teaching strategies. Discover how to get students excited about learning, even when learning may be difficult for them. See the power of believing in every student and making sure that instruction meets the needs of all students and helps them be successful. Become versed in the content that you will be teaching  your students. Students majoring in elementary education must become versed in either English, social studies, math, or science. Students majoring in secondary education must become versed in the content associated with their area of certification: English, social studies, life sciences, theatre K-12, or Kinesiology K-12.

Educate your students at every level. Spend time with students who are struggling learners. See how their needs are met and become versed in the laws and policies that support the education of all students. Every student in the Teacher Education program takes all the courses that would lead to a General Special Education K-12 certification. We believe you must be prepared to educate all children regardless of their talents or challenges.

Practical Experiences. Immerse yourself in teaching and learning throughout your program. You will take courses each semester that require you to actively engage with our partner schools. For example, you will observe and interview special education and related professionals, observe teachers in different grades teach math, create learning modules in different content areas, and attend school board meetings. Participate in a fifteen hour a week practical experience the semester prior to your final, full-time student teaching experience.

Career Opportunities in Education

BA in Education from NEC | Earn your teacher certification and take advantage of the multiple career opportunities available in education.  In addition to seeking certification and becoming a K-12 teacher there are many other career paths available:

  • Work as a paraeducator helping adolescents and youth
  • Assist at a therapeutic riding school
  • Direct an afterschool program
  • Become an educator in a hospital, museum, or other organizational setting

While at NEC, take advantage of our numerous internship possibilities to find the path that is right for you.

6 Reasons to Pursue a Degree in Education

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