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Bachelor of Arts in History

History is the exploration of the thoughts, aspirations and achievements of every human life. As historians, our role is to sift the records of accumulated years through research. As the record of the past grows, we make sense of it, each of us in our own way, guided as we are by what Carl Becker referred to as “culture baggage.” As the search progresses, we report our findings in a clear and useful way, sharing the experience of generations. We pursue this goal, not only in the realm of academia, but in the wider world as well. The skills to find and make sense of information, and then to communicate the results efficiently and to effect, are valuable in any field of endeavor and critical to citizens of the new global century.

At New England College, students of history apprentice as researchers, analysts, and communicators. They also have the opportunity to experience history as it is made: the quadrennial presidential campaign season begins in New Hampshire and reminds us that America was born in the towns and woods of New England.

Young historians have numerous opportunities to study abroad as part of their program at NEC. As they grow in the profession, our journeyman students often choose to ply their skills in the area of public history. Internships in historical societies, living history sites and political campaigns are just a few of the ways in which young historians gain experience and confidence.

The study of history offers the student the tangible benefits of a strenuous educational program in the types of skills required of successful citizens of the world in the coming years. The ability to find and retrieve information is only the beginning. Students trained in the discipline of history acquire also a facility with language, the ability to analyze information, synthesize it, and convey the results in a clear, effective and meaningful way. The student of history has the added joy of exploring the cumulative thoughts and actions of the millions of men and women of all races, creeds and nationalities which, taken together, constitute the story of human interaction through the centuries. A major in history connects the student’s life today to those who have lived before.

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