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Outdoor Education | BA

Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education | New England College (NEC)

NEC’s Adventure Bound Ropes Course

The Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education is an experiential education program in the outdoors, for the outdoors.

You will develop leadership and facilitation skills in wilderness environments. Building a connection with the natural environment and becoming comfortable in outdoor settings will assist your growth as an outdoor educator and wilderness leader.

Through a series of experiential education course work and specific skills-based courses, you will develop and build your educational and leadership abilities through backpacking, climbing, skiing, ropes courses, and more. You will enjoy many opportunities to explore your skill sets in a safe and supportive learning environment while developing a stronger, more self-reliant approach to leading groups and teaching in a variety of atmospheres including the wilderness.

Experiential education, civic engagement, and a strong connection to nature are embedded intuitively in New England College’s Outdoor Education program. We are passionate about preserving the natural environment through outdoor education opportunities. New England College is committed to these principles, and in the Outdoor Education program, you will lead by example.

Learn more about the program’s learning objectives, requirements, core and elective courses by clicking here.

Outdoor EdBA in Adventure Education | New England College (NEC)ucation: Learn by Doing at New England College

Outdoor Education is a trailblazer in hands-on, experiential education at New England College. Outdoor experience and leadership are taught in a supportive environment where trying new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, and exploring possibilities are encouraged and nurtured. You will become more confident in your judgment and decision-making skills, and grow as a trusted, self-assured leader and educator.

Wilderness Trips. Build your wilderness leadership and outdoor education skills during 3-10 day wilderness immersion trips in backcountry environments, such as Gaspésie National Park in Canada, Zion National Park in Utah, and/or and leading first-year wilderness preorientation program. Lead middle and high school students, adults, and your peers on wilderness adventures.

Ropes Course. Engage in intensive group projects such as building ropes course elements on New England College’s Adventure Bound Ropes Course, designing school programs on the ropes course, and teach middle and high school students, adults, and your peers on the College’s Adventure Bound Ropes Course.

Mock Rescues. Participate in Wilderness First Responder mock rescues, including winter rescues in cooperation with local public service personnel and volunteers.

Career Opportunities in Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education Degree | New England College (NEC)

  • Outdoor Educator
  • Outdoor Education Program Director
  • Camp Director/Program Director/Counselor
  • Environmental Instructor/Educator
  • Recreation Director
  • Guide Services
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Ropes Course Leader/Builder/Trainer
  • Ropes Course Facilitator
  • Nature’s Classroom Teacher
  • Experiential Outdoor Coordinator
  • Masters of Education
  • Masters of Leadership


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