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ASHP Foundation Partner Program

Earn a Master’s degree in less than 16 months. MBA program for Pharmacy Leadership Academy (PLA) graduates already ¼ complete!

ASHP partnership with New England College Courses

New England College is known for its innovative approach to education and its belief that real world experiences add value to the pursuit of learning. For ASHP Foundation members who participate in the Pharmacy Leadership Academy, New England College grants 10 graduate credits toward an MBA in Healthcare Management or an MBA in Health Informatics and streamlines the entire application process. This special benefit accelerates the degree timeline and saves students time and money.

Healthcare Management | MBA

The MBA in Healthcare Management prepares students with a deeper business perspective and the comprehensive knowledge necessary for pharmacy-related entrepreneurial pursuits, corporate endeavors, and strategic operations.  This program also provides students with proven leadership skills needed to meet today’s challenges in the healthcare industry. Oriented to the needs of both the emerging and experienced healthcare leader, comprehensive curriculum offers both quantitative and qualitative courses.


Students in this program can count on graduating with the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • The ability to effectively manage projects within a healthcare setting
  • In-depth understanding of the marketing and communications functions for a healthcare organization
  • An enhanced understanding of technology and health informatics

Health Informatics | MBA

The MBA in Health Informatics prepares students with essential business concepts and tools specifically related to well-informed data selection, analysis, and strategic decision-making. This program is designed for individuals with varying levels of experience in healthcare professions who are looking to develop advanced management skills and technical proficiency.


Students in this program can count on graduating with the following outcomes:

• The ability to apply leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills and concepts to identify, analyze and creatively solve complex organizational problems connected to the design and implementation of health informatics systems

• Comprehend the challenges and opportunities of working effectively with other people across a wide array of departments, outside vendors, and individuals with diverse backgrounds who interact with health informatics systems

• Understand the main principles and practices of healthcare data management and how information technology and systems can help interpret and use biomedical information across departmental units

• Apply a broad range of interpersonal and project management skills to design processes and design and implement team and group projects to optimize performance

• Develop expertise in all business aspects of health informatics: this includes departmental design and management, capital and operating budgeting, the art of the budget planning process, infrastructure design and strategic planning

Benefits of an MBA from New England College

Whether you’re established in your career or just getting started, the MBA program at New England College is especially designed to meet the demands of hard working and ambitious professionals. With an emphasis on practical knowledge that can be applied in the real world, faculty shape each class to further develop an advanced understanding of critical material. Students gain expertise in:

  • Management principles
  • Leadership theories
  • Communication
  • Strategic thinking
  • Ethics
  • Business practices
  • Other areas that elevate your reputation and competitive edge

Prior PLA course work transfers to academic credit

The New England College MBA is an accredited 40-credit graduate program, taught by professors who are scholar practitioners with field experience and academic mastery. PLA graduates enter the program with 10 credits already applied towards their degree.

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