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Student Organizations

At New England College, students have the autonomy to begin their own organization based on their interest! We believe that students should have a say in creating their experience at New England College. If you’re interested in starting an organization, your first stop would be the Office of Student Engagement in the Simon Center, Room 317. We can help you go through the steps of starting an organization campus.

Below is a list of student organizations. Please note, student organization activity varies with the interests of students, and some organizations may become inactive due to lack of interest. For an updated list, you can contact the Office of Student Engagement by emailing us at or by stopping by our office!

  • Adventure Bound
  • Amazing Minority Girls Unite
  • Brother’s Keeper
  • The Business Club
  • CiviCorp
  • Club Sports: Men’s Rugby
  • Collegiate DECA Club
  • Criminal Justice Club
  • Environmental Action Committee
  • Esports
  • Health Science Club
  • History Club
  • Kinesiology Club
  • Multicultural Student Coalition
  • The New Englander (student newspaper)
  • New England College Role Playing Association (NECRA)
  • Political Science Club
  • Psychology Club
  • QSA: Queer Straight Alliance
  • Ravens and Writing Desks
  • Rising Stars Dance Team
  • Self Defense Club
  • SERVE: Veteran’s Association of New England College
  • Sisterhood
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Student Entertainment Committee
  • Student Senate
  • WNEC Radio Station
  • YAL: Young Americans for Liberty