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First-Year Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

When academics or personal interests intersect within a living environment, students grow and learning is enriched.  The First-Year Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at New England College offer a residential living/learning experience that allows students with similar interests or goals to live and study together, as well as meet students from other countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Faculty members who teach these courses are selected purposefully to help students connect their experiences in and out of the classroom to co-curricular activities on and off campus. There are a limited number of spaces available in the LLC program.

What first-year students are saying about their LLC experience:

“If we do not understand something in class then we have each other to help after class.  Living with the same people which you have class with makes a great bonding experience.”

“This experience has benefitted me because it allowed for a closer knit group of friends.  Since we are all freshmen it is easy to relate to the difficulties of adapting to college life.”

“I love [the LLCs]. They gave me a sense of belonging at NEC.”

What LLC Instructors Are Saying About It:

“It was wonderful to experience how relaxed the students were with each other, comfortable to raise their hands and contribute to the discussions.”

“The LLC program provides students with the confidence and community to transition successfully into the college environment. The students were engaged and prepared for every class. It was obvious that they weren’t just peers—they were friends who held each other to a high standard for both their academic and personal successes.”