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Residential Life and Housing

At New England College, Residential Life and Housing works with each student to create a “home away from home.”  As a small residential community, our primary focus is to provide a living and learning environment that directly supports each student’s educational, social, and personal development.  Our staff is committed to making your out-of-classroom experience be the best it can be, and we strive to serve our diverse community by maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment that promotes intellectual curiosity, personal accountability, civility, and social development for all students.

Each of our eight residence halls are staffed by full time live-in professional Area Coordinators, Graduate Hall Directors, and highly trained upper-class students who serve as Resident Advisors.  The in-hall staff is the best resource for students to turn to whenever an issue arises in the residence halls.  Students are encouraged to contact a Residential Life staff member should they need assistance, advice, or just someone to talk to.  In addition, Resident Advisors plan social and educational programs and activities for all residents to attend.

Housing Options
New England College requires students to live on campus for their first 6 semesters unless a student is age 23 by August 1 of the upcoming academic year, a military veteran, married, with child(ren), has an approved medical or financial release, or if a student is living with a parent or guardian in a pre-approved commuter town. Contact for more information regarding housing requirements or available housing options.
Housing: Wireless Network Services
Fast and reliable internet connectivity is critically important! NEC has partnered with Apogee, a specialized provider of residential networks, to deploy and support an advanced wireless network for our residence halls, featuring 100% wireless connectivity, 24/7 student support, and more. To set up your account please visit
Student Handbook and On-Campus Housing
Being part of the NEC residential community requires all students to have Pilgrim Pride in their living space. In order for students to make the best possible decisions regarding their living space, Residential Life and Housing offers some guidelines about what to bring and what not to bring to campus, in accordance with the Student Handbook. What to Bring List. While we recognize the need for students to be individuals, we also recognize that community living requires civility and personal responsibility. All students are required to read and follow the Code of Conduct as written in the Student Handbook, which can be found here:
Important Dates
Safety and Security
All the residence halls are locked 24 hours a day and students are only granted access to their own residence hall.  In addition, student rooms are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler heads.  The campus has “blue light” emergency phones and Campus Safety is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Resident Advisors are on duty each night and do rounds to ensure the halls are locked and safe.  Additional information about campus safety can be found here:
Facilities and Work Orders
In the event that there is a facility issue in a student room that needs repair, please contact your Resident Advisor or Area Coordinator so that he/she can complete a work order to have the issue fixed.  If there is an emergency facility situation such as a broken lock or no heat in the winter, a student can also call Campus Safety at 603.428.2323 to report the problem.
Academic growth and personal transformation require a healthy diet. Whether it’s at Gilmore Dining Hall, Simon Café, Torington Arms Pub, or at one of our many catering events we serve on campus, the NEC Dining Services team aims to please! NEC Dining Services goal is to create and offer services that contribute to a more pleasant way of life for people whenever and wherever they come together. NEC Dining Services is proud to provide restaurant-style food and services that are truly designed for every taste. To add additional Flex Cash to your meal plan click here. There are several commuter meal plans for non-residential students. Please contact for more information regarding meal plan options.