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National Association of Community Health Centers® (NACHC®) Education Partner Program

New England College is excited to partner with NACHC® to provide online educational opportunities to its members. We are also proud to serve community health professionals who, in turn, provide critically needed healthcare services to so many underserved and disenfranchised people nationally.

New England College delivers hands-on learning, based on real world experience, by faculty who are knowledgeable scholar-practitioners in their field. The result is an innovative approach to online education: an approach completely dedicated to the professional success of our students.

The College understands the unique needs of adult learners and has been working with busy adult learners and online education for over a decade. Our faculty are involved and responsive; our courses are continuously updated; and we offer cost effective programs and flexible delivery options.

Through NACHC’s® partnership with New England College, NACHC® members may earn the following degrees:

New England College’s Accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

  • 7 week terms
  • 10 classes
  • 40 credits
  • Rolling admission policy – start at your convenience
  • Complete your MBA in only 20 months, or less

Added Benefits Just for NACHC® Members

  • 10% tuition discount
  • Application fee is waived
  • Program fees are limited to a one-time $150 graduation fee
  • You may transfer up to 8 credits, based on NEC’s transfer credit policy
  • No GMAT or GRE required
  • New England College has a great deal of experience working with adult learners in healthcare organizations and understands how to create effective educational programs for healthcare professionals

MBA in Health Informatics

The MBA in Health Informatics prepares students with essential business concepts and tools specifically related to well-informed data selection, analysis, and strategic decision-making. This program is designed for individuals with varying levels of experience in healthcare professions who are looking to develop advanced management skills and technical proficiency.



Students in this program can count on graduating with the following:

  • The ability to apply leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills and concepts to identify, analyze and creatively solve complex organizational problems connected to the design and implementation of health informatics systems.
  • Comprehend the challenges and opportunities of working effectively with other people across a wide array of departments, outside vendors, and individuals with diverse backgrounds who interact with health informatics systems.
  • Understand the main principles and practices of healthcare data management and how information technology and systems can help interpret and use biomedical information across departmental units.
  • Apply a broad range of interpersonal and project management skills to design processes and design and implement team and group projects to optimize performance.
  • Develop expertise in all business aspects of health informatics: this includes departmental design and management, capital and operating budgeting, the art of the budget planning process, infrastructure design and strategic planning.

MBA in Healthcare Management

The MBA in Healthcare Management prepares students with a deeper business perspective and the comprehensive knowledge necessary to manage innovation and strategic operations in community-based, non-profit, and for-profit healthcare-related organizations. This program also provides students with proven leadership skills needed to meet today’s challenges in the healthcare industry. Oriented to the needs of both the emerging and experienced healthcare leader, comprehensive curriculum offers both quantitative and qualitative courses.



Students in this program can count on graduating with the following:

  • Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • The ability to effectively manage projects within a healthcare setting.
  • In-depth understanding of the marketing and communications functions for a healthcare organization.
  • An enhanced understanding of technology and health informatics.

MBA in Non-Profit Leadership

New England College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Non-profit Leadership is the distillation of the best of our management degrees tailored for those with goals in non-profit leadership. Students will be prepared to advance their career in various nonprofit organizations, social work and community based organizations. Students will focus on innovative leadership such as dynamics of nonprofit governance, financial management and fund-raising. This course delivery method is specifically designed for working professionals to make the most efficient use of time and to optimize learning experience.


MBA in Strategic Leadership

The MBA in Strategic Leadership prepares students to manage and lead in a wide range of non-profit and for-profit organizations and team environments. This program addresses the varied strategic challenges and emerging opportunities found today – locally, nationally, and globally. The program is applicable to organizational and entrepreneurial approaches to solving problems, and to capitalizing on new opportunities and emerging market needs.



Students in this program can count on graduating with the following:

  • Explore common leadership behaviors and behaviors of teams and learn how to manage personalities and foster motivation and success.
  • Refine effective communication, problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills as they relate to leadership in a diverse global organization.
  • Develop advanced knowledge in theory and practice of traditional and contemporary leadership theories, including the evolution of leadership and the development of new leaders.
  • Delve into the economics of leadership and how economics plays into strategic planning, decision making and motivation.
  • Learn how best to lead organizations and multicultural teams in today’s global economy.
  • Develop advanced understanding of project management and professional ethics and how they relate to positions of leadership.
  • Through case studies, industry research and joint ventures, increase awareness and knowledge in strategic planning.


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