Does a Master’s Degree Make You More Employable in New England?
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Does a Master’s Degree Make You More Employable in New England?

Does a Master’s Degree Make You More Employable in New England? | New England College - NECStudents at New England College come from across the country and around the world, but many are from the New England area. Even those that earn a master’s degree online from elsewhere are attracted to the region’s job market.

New England enjoys a robust economy. For those who earn a master’s degree, the chances for getting jobs in leadership and management are much higher. While most pursue a graduate degree because they love the subject matter, they also are preparing themselves for the top positions in their industry.

This can prove especially true if you concentrate in a specialization. For example, an MBA with a specialization can better prepare graduates to take on the most challenging jobs. NEC offers MBA specializations in digital marketing, health informatics, healthcare management, human resource management, nonprofit leadership, project management, sports and recreation management, strategic leadership, and strategic sales management.

Salaries With a Master’s Degree

Statistics show that earning a master’s degree leads to much better pay and lower unemployment.

For 2017, those with a master’s degree in the United States earned a median weekly salary of $1,401, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Those with a bachelor’s degree earned $1,173.

Unemployment also is lower for those with a graduate degree. The unemployment rate for those with a master’s degree in 2017 was 2.2%. For those with a bachelor’s degree, it was 2.5%.

Employment in New England

New England remains one of the most vibrant economic areas of the U.S. Because of the area’s emphasis on education, those who earn a master’s degree often get a good return on their educational investment.

For example, those who earn a master’s degree in human resources management or an MBA with a human resources management concentration are prepared for top management jobs in human resources. Nationwide, the average mean pay for these positions is $123,510. Three of the six states in the New England region exceeded this, and the other three are still in six figures.

Those salaries are:

  • Rhode Island – $156,790
  • Connecticut – $136,120
  • Massachusetts – $134,970
  • New Hampshire – $116,240
  • Vermont – $108,360
  • Maine – $102,490

Additionally, both Connecticut and Massachusetts are among the top states for concentration of these jobs. And Boston is among the top five metro areas with the highest employment of human resource managers.

That’s just in one career field. The same pattern plays out across many jobs, including marketing, healthcare administration, and sales management. In all these cases, a master’s degree is often required to attain the top jobs.

Clearly, earning a master’s degree can bolster your career, no matter where you live. But in New England, it gives you the chance to attain the best jobs in one of the top markets in the nation.