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Nitschke-Shaw, Debra

Senior Professor, Education

Phone: 603.428.2322

Degrees, Certifications

PhD in Human Development, Special Education, Fielding University
MEd in Special Education: Developmental Disabilities and Learning Disabilities, Keene State College
MA in Human Development, Fielding University
BA in Elementary Education and Special Education, New England College
Specialist in the Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (SAIF), Riviere College

Service to Country, Community

Member, Council for Teacher Education (2014 - 2016)
Member, Institutes for Higher Education (2013 - present)
Subgroup Member, New Hampshire Teacher Candidate Assessment of Performance (2015 - present)

Personal Interests

  • It is my belief that everyone has the potential to achieve great things but that it is our responsibility as educators to help individuals see what is possible and strive to accomplish great things.
  • New England College is a unique community that allows individuals to grow beyond that which they think they are capable of doing. It is a supportive community where all members work to engage and support the learning of all. It is a place where theory meets experience in an environment of trust and respect.
  • When I was a student here I had some excellent teachers who pushed me beyond my boundaries; they enabled me to see that I was a capable individual with many talents. As I grew past my time at NEC I kept grounded in the work I was doing, teaching in area public schools, by hosting aspiring teachers. In addition, I was asked to teach as an adjunct for NEC. My passion for working with aspiring teachers continued to grow. I saw working with them as a way to truly have a positive influence on education. Walter Robinson and Larry Piper, faculty in the Teacher Education program, took me under their wing when I joined the department. They modeled for me what it meant to be an engaged faculty member who tirelessly worked to help students and cared deeply about their success. As they transitioned out I remained true to the promise I made them to nurture and grow the department to be the best teacher education program in the state. I continue to work to fulfill that promise because NEC instilled in me what it means to be an educator who cares deeply about her students and the possibilities that lay in front of all of us.
  • My husband, daughter, and son have all graduated from New England College.
  • I believe that we learn best when we can bridge experience/practice/engagement with theory. Each Teacher Education course has integrated into it practical elements that help students make these links. In addition, from the first course, students are taught the pedagogy of service-learning and work to meet the needs in area schools while acquiring academic knowledge and skills. As they move into student teaching they develop service-learning projects with their students furthering their understanding of the pedagogy but also instilling in their students civic engagement.