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Simon, Eric J.

Professor of Biology and Health Science

Phone: 603.428.2271


Degrees, Certifications

PhD, Biochemistry, Harvard University

Program in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology completed in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Dissertation title: A Molecular Dynamics Study of a Mutation in a Bacteriophage 434 DNA/Protein Complex. Dissertation work completed in the laboratory of Stephen Harrison.

MA, Biology, Wesleyan University

Dissertation title: Sequence Dependence of the A to B Transition in DNA: A Theoretical Approach. Dissertation work completed in the laboratory of David Beveridge.

BA; Biology, Math, Computer Science; Wesleyan University (summa cum laude)

Professional Background, Scholarship Highlights

  • Author of college biology textbooks, approaching two million in print. Approximately 1/3 of all college introductory biology courses for non-science majors in the United States use one of these books. Textbooks have been translated into six languages and are used in over 40 countries worldwide.
  • Simon, E.  (2015). Biology: The Core. San Francisco, CA: Benjamin Cummings.  ISBN 0321735862. First edition solo-authored introductory biology textbook. Published January 2014. Translated into Italian, Greek, Korean, and Turkish.
  • Reece, J., Taylor, M., Simon, E., Dickey, J., and Hogan, K. (2015). Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections (8th Ed.). San Francisco, CA: Benjamin Cummings. Mixed majors introductory biology textbook used in introductory biology courses and allied health programs. Published January 2014. Translated into Taiwanese.
  • Simon, E., Reece, J., Dickey, J., and Hogan, K.  (2016). Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology (5th Ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson. Non-majors introductory biology textbook. Published January 2015. Translated into Korean.
  • Simon, E., Reece, J., Dickey, J., and Hogan, K.  (2016). Campbell Essential Biology (6th Ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson. Non-majors introductory biology textbook. Published January 2015.
  • Keynote Speaker to many annual conferences in places such as Honolulu, New Zealand, and Italy.
  • Online outlets include several travel blogs for New England College courses (over 30,000 hits accumulated):
    Created and participate in New England College's Department of Biology & Health Science Facebook page:

Service to Country, Community

  • Board of Directors, The Well School, Peterborough, NH (2014–present)
  • Member, Deering Conservation Commission, Deering, NH (2013–present)
  • Founder and President, The Hillsboro Food Pantry A.P.P.L.E. Fund, a nonprofit organization under the auspices of the New Hampshire Charitable Trust that provides locally grown produce and meat to over 100 families per week at the Hillsboro Food Pantry.

Personal Interests

  • I believe that all students, especially non-science major students, should be exposed to the scientific process in order to appreciate the natural world. I believe that students learn best when the relevance of the subject matter to their own lives is continuously emphasized. I believe that students should continuously engage with course content through active learning, outside-the-classroom experiences, and hands-on experimentation. I believe that international travel can provide students with life-altering memories that can inform their roles as citizens of the world.
  • The New England College experience can provide all of our students with the opportunity to find their best academic selves. Through close interactions with faculty and experiential learning, students can find and mold their passions in a supportive environment.
  • A student who had signed up for my travel course to the Amazon River in Peru asked to meet me in my office. He told me that he was considering dropping the course because he was so concerned about making presentations to the class (a requirement of the course). I encouraged him to work with me to overcome his anxiety. Not only did he succeed in his presentations and that course, but he joined me on two additional international travel courses and now works as a naturalist making daily presentations to large groups—something he never imagined doing years prior.
  • I love to travel and have visited 49 states and 33 counties.
  • I believe that international travel courses are the best way to expose our students to the beauty of the natural world and the important role that we can all play in preserving it. Even on campus, I believe that hands-on experiential components (such as group learning projects, field trips, and laboratory activities) enhance the learning opportunities of every subject.

Professor Simon in Belize with his research class

Pictured are students who completed a senior thesis by conducting research on a tropical coral reef in Belize: Danielle Blaisdell, Michael Orlando, David Giacalone, Eric Simon, Greg Kidd, and Matthew Hackett.