Career & Life Planning
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Career and Life Planning

The Office of Career & Life Planning (CLP) helps students:

  • Develop career and life plans consistent with their skills, interests, values and personal characteristics;
  • Acquire skills by engaging in internships, service activities, and study abroad;
  • Demonstrate the results of their experiences in and out of the classroom and effectively present themselves; and,
  • Make connections in the world of work and further study.

As part of Pathways, CLP is integrated across the entire college community in order to accomplish its mission.  CLP actively engages students and ensures students access to comprehensive career development services, consistent with their interests and abilities.

Pathways – Career and Life Planning (CLP) uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service. Students and alumni, create your account profile at to:

  • Search for all full-time, part-time, internship job opportunities easily and efficiently
  • Create and upload your resume and career portfolio to make available to employers
  • Access event announcements, career advice documents, podcasts, videos and articles

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CLP Mission

We, as a community, can systematically create an environment in which students will:

  1. Ask fruitful questions based on their own natural curiosity and interests, that direct them to professional and personal development
  2. Gain skills and experience (we often refer to these as “day one” competencies) through academic work in their major discipline, work-study and other employment, internships, hobbies, community service, service-learning, co-curricular involvement, athletics, and study abroad
  3. Describe themselves accurately in terms of skills, motivations, personal characteristics, and knowledge base – in print, in person, through electronic and other media, and over the phone
  4. Develop and maintain a network of professional contacts
  5. Obtain meaningful employment or acceptance into programs of further study
  6. Build professional relationships based on trust, honesty and mutual benefit, and
  7. Understand their own educational process in terms of the above so that they can continually reflect upon and reassess their personal and professional goals.