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Why Give to NEC?

I’m ready to give

Whether you gave it your all in the classroom, on the playing field, or both, your time at NEC shaped who you would become. There’s a good chance that your NEC experiences were made possible or made better by the gifts of alumni and friends who went before you. Our Second Annual Athletics Day of Giving is your chance to “pay it forward” to the next generation of Pilgrims.

College athletics encourage students to discover their potential. Athletes not only develop their ability to compete, they also develop their ability to manage their time, focus, and excel inside the classroom and out. These traits prepare student-athletes for life after college and, in keeping with NEC’s commitment to developing civic engagement, often make athletes strong contributors in their local communities. In fact, NEC athletes volunteered nearly 7,000 hours of community service just in the past year. With 19 different athletic programs engaging young athletes from as far away as California and Hawaii, NEC is proud to be part of the growth of so many.

Join our team and help the athletes of New England College rise to the challenge. Your contributions will help provide the equipment, facilities, and resources that help our students excel.

We hope to make you proud, both on and off the field!

I’m ready to give