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Your New England College undergraduate on-campus admission counselor works with you throughout the enrollment process. Our counselors are paired with students based on their geographic areas or academic interests. You will hear from your counselor soon after you apply for admission. Contact your counselor individually, or at admission@nec.edu or 603.428.2223.

Brad Poznanski
Executive Director of Admission
Office: 603.428.2223

Meghan Fahey
Associate Director of Admission
Territory: Transfers, Nursing (out-of-state), Mid-West
Office: 603.428.2592
Cell: 603.748.1295

Rebecca Feely
Assistant Director of Admission
Territory: Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
Office: 603.428.2412
Cell 603.748.8959

Ashleigh Nash
Assistant Director of Admission
Territory: International, Massachusetts
Office: 603.428.2392
Cell: 603.748.7013

Olivia Bowman
Admission Counselor
Institute of Art and Design at NEC
Territory: Bachelor of Fine Art Programs
Office: 603.428.2632
Cell: 603.748.7608

Arieanna Mangra
Admission Counselor
Territory: Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, West
Office: 603.428.2287
Cell: 603.748.7989

Ryan Howe
Admission Events Specialist and Military Admission Representative
Territory: Students with military or veterans benefits
Office: 603.428.2265
Cell: 603.748.5245

Muriel Loiselle
Campus Visit Coordinator
Muriel arranges weekday campus visits and tours.
Office: 603.428.2223

Brittany Daufen
Undergraduate Enrollment Operations Coordinator
Brittany manages all student data when they apply to NEC and request information.
Office: 603.428.2362

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