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Adult Students NEC-Plus

Adult students who are applying for entry into New England College’s undergraduate bachelor programs may be eligible for the NEC-Plus program if they are:

  • at least 25 years of age;
  • married, or with legal dependents other than a spouse;
  • and have not been enrolled at New England College for the past four years

All NEC-Plus students take courses along with the traditional undergraduate students at NEC. This discounted program offers courses at a much lower rate than the regular undergraduate programs at NEC ($450 per credit). Thus, the NEC-Plus Program offers a full academic year (32 credits) at the cost of $14,400. (NOTE: All fees are based on the 2018-2019 academic year, with the rates for traditional undergraduate students detailed here).

Students admitted to NEC-Plus may take courses during the day or in the evening (limited), and may attend full- or part-time. There are only a few restrictions to this program:

1) Regular full-time students are given first priority in course selection.
2) Access to academic advising, support, and tutoring is limited; full-time traditional students are given first priority.

NEC-Plus students are eligible for federal and state financial aid programs, provided they are enrolled at least half-time. The College does not award institutional scholarships or grants to NEC-Plus students.

Applicants to the NEC-Plus program must apply for admission and supply standard documentation: official transcripts, letter of recommendation, and personal essay. For further information, contact the Office of Admission by phone (603) 428-2223 or email at