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New England College Launches Two Degree Programs Looking to the Future

March 26, 2020

Posted in News Press Release

New Online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Hybrid Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics

New England College (NEC) announces two new degree programs designed to meet the needs of the modern world and to develop graduates who make a difference on day one of their careers: an online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and a hybrid Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics.

Students complete the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity one hundred percent online. Students in the Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics program meet one evening each week at NEC’s Manchester campus with additional classwork done online, making this hybrid model ideal for working professionals who desire a traditional classroom experience. Both programs are accepting applications with rolling admissions.

“The development of these programs shows New England College’s commitment to offering innovative academic programs,” explained Lisa Conn, Director of Graduate Enrollment in NEC’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies, which also manages online undergraduate programs. “NEC students want a high-quality education that fits their lives and makes them career ready. These programs check both those boxes and prepare students for two pivotal career fields that are growing today and are expected to continue to grow well into the future.”

There is projected to be a global cybersecurity workforce shortage that will reach close to two million positions by 2022, with shortages in nearly every area of cybersecurity. NEC’s online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity follows the Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense (CAE IA/CD) model. This model establishes core program standards and is sponsored by both the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The program offers two tracks—a technical track for programmers, database specialists, and networkers, and a business track for project managers and other leadership roles—and it allows students to earn CompTIA certifications.

“We’re proud to have highly experienced instructors, some of whom are doing amazing cybersecurity work with partners outside of NEC, and our students will benefit from that,” added Rick Mitchell, Program Director for the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems at New England College. “Our graduates will be able to walk into a job interview and show practical, real-world proof of their cybersecurity training and readiness.”

The demand for data analysts in the United States is growing rapidly, with a projected shortfall of data scientists in the next decade alone of close to a quarter million positions. NEC’s hybrid Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics taps into a skill set that has seen increased global demand: the ability to extract meaning from data so that better, and smarter, decisions can be made across all aspects of an organization. Students in this program gain the acumen to make data and themselves strategic assets within a company.

“Our Applied Data Analytics faculty are industry experts,” added Conn. “We’re excited to offer this new program and help students— with or without data experience—become sophisticated decision makers in their organizations.”

New England College is known for developing students through opportunities to live what they learn, and these two new programs live up to that philosophy. In both, students see their chosen fields in action through real-world simulations, fieldwork, and more. Learn more about these exciting new programs at and

New England College Announces Shift to Online Classes in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

March 14, 2020

Posted in News Press Release

New England College, with campuses in Henniker and Manchester, New Hampshire, will shift from in-person classes to a remote format using online instruction and video conferencing beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020. The shift will remain in place thorough April 3, 2020 when the plan will be reviewed, and future actions determined. 

Classes are cancelled next Monday and Tuesday to transition to the remote plan. The College takes this action out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our community. Both campuses will remain open on a limited basis, with schedules adjusted to facilitate cleaning and other preventive efforts. Students will remain on both campuses; dining facilities and other critical offices (campus safety, health, housing etc.) will remain open.

Staff will report to campus on Monday to complete plans for working from home, and after Monday only essential staff will be expected on campus.  During the remainder of this emergency, the College will limit all visits to campus to encourage social distancing, a proven prevention strategy. 

The College very much appreciates the willingness of faculty, students, and staff to make major adjustments in such a critical time. For the full details about NEC’s plan to move online, please click here.



New England College and Brady Sullivan Properties Partner on Art Exhibition

February 12, 2020

Posted in News Press Release

The Institute of Art and Design at New England College announces a new Community Art Exhibition partnership with Brady Sullivan Properties, showcasing the “cut paper” art of artist Aaron Kane. An opening reception will be held at the Brady Sullivan Plaza, 1000 Elm Street, in Manchester, NH, on Wednesday, February 12th at 4:00 p.m., and the exhibition will be on display through May 1.

The exhibition, Aaron Kane: City Limits!, will be located in the lobby of the plaza building and will include 14 works of cut paper art that reflect city life. Kane is a 2017 graduate of the New Hampshire Institute of Art—now the Institute of Art and Design at New England College—and his work has been displayed at galleries across the country.

A Manchester native, Kane is a freelance artist who specializes in “cut paper,” which is the art of cutting paper to create intricate designs and images. It is an art form almost as old as the invention of paper itself, first created around A.D. 100 in China.

“Brady Sullivan is pleased to partner with the Institute of Art and Design at New England College in this community art exhibition project,” said Arthur Sullivan, co-owner of Brady Sullivan Properties. “We appreciate the value of having art displayed in both the workplace, and in residences, and are delighted to profile the talent of a local artist, especially the work of a local art college graduate, for the benefit of both our tenants and visitors to the Brady Sullivan Tower.”

Dr. Jim Murtha, Senior Vice President of Academic Alliances at New England College, commented, “Research shows that art in the workplace increases creativity, efficiency, and even productivity. Following the recent successful merger between New England College and the New Hampshire Institute of Art, we wanted to reach out to the local business community and highlight our commitment to being an engaged and active member of Manchester. We were pleased when Brady Sullivan agreed to host our first community art exhibition.” Additional art exhibitions are being planned with other local businesses and non-profit organizations in the near future.

“I was really honored that the Institute of Art and Design at New England College offered me the opportunity to display my art as part of this exhibition,” said Kane. “I have displayed my work both in galleries and in private collections, but this business venue offers me the opportunity to showcase my cut paper to a much wider audience. I am excited to share my passion for cut paper in this exhibition.”

New England College’s Esports Club Scores HyperX Sponsorship

January 27, 2020

Posted in News Press Release

It’s official. New England College’s esports club is kind of a big deal. Wait, e-what? Esports—competitive video gaming—has been a popular pastime for decades, but competitive play of live-action online games is fast becoming part of the student experience at New England College (NEC), which launched its esports club in October 2018 (

And the club has caught the attention of others—from its competitive performance against large NCAA Division I schools to social media influencers. Enter HyperX, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of computer memory and high-performance gaming components as well as sponsor of the Collegiate Starleague (known as CSL) and professional esports teams such as Cloud9 and Team Liquid. NEC’s Esports Program Director and Coach Tyrelle Appleton recently announced that HyperX has finalized a sponsorship agreement with NEC’s club.

“After a year of conversations, emails and legal work, this sponsorship is official,” Appleton explained. “We carry ourselves as a top-tier program in the country, so it is truly awesome that we caught the attention of HyperX and were able to secure their sponsorship. It is an honor to join the HyperX family.”

According to Appleton, college esports teams do not typically receive sponsorships and HyperX only supports a select group of college teams.

“This support means a great deal to our team. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into designing NEC’s esports program and arena,” Appleton stated. “Our club’s early competitive achievements and success in attracting this sponsorship reinforces everything we have worked for. We look forward to an amazing year of competition powdered by HyperX’s top-quality products.” NEC’s esports club will exclusively use HyperX’s gaming peripherals: keyboards, wrist rests, headsets, microphones, memory cards, mice and mouse pads.

“At HyperX, ‘We’re All Gamers.’ That’s our slogan and our lifestyle,” said Kitty Nguyen, Esports Sponsorships Specialist at HyperX. “We’re ecstatic to sponsor New England College’s up-and-coming esports club and provide them with the equipment that will take their gamers and their competitions to the next level.”

About HyperX

HyperX is the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer, with the goal of providing gamers, PC builders, PC, console and mobile power users with high-performance components. For 16 years, the HyperX mission has been to develop gaming products for all types of gamers—high-speed memory, solid state drives, headsets, keyboards, mice, charging accessories for console players, USB flash drives and mousepads—to the gaming community and beyond. The award-winning HyperX brand is known for consistently delivering products that deliver superior comfort, aesthetics, performance and reliability. HyperX gear is the choice of celebrity ambassadors, pro gamers, tech enthusiasts and over-clockers worldwide because it meets the most stringent product specifications and is built with best-in-class components. HyperX has shipped over 65 million memory modules and 10 million gaming headsets worldwide.

Fuel your passion for gaming at NEC.

Manchester Mayor to Serve as Keynote Speaker at New England College Founders Day Celebration Will Receive Honorary Degree

January 9, 2020

Posted in News Press Release
The Honorable Joyce Craig, Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire

The Honorable Joyce Craig, Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire

New England College (NEC) is pleased to announce that the Honorable Joyce Craig, Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, will address the faculty, staff, administration, and students of NEC and receive an honorary degree at the College’s annual Founders Day celebration Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

“I am delighted Mayor Craig accepted our invitation to be this year’s keynote speaker,” states Dr. Michele Perkins, President of NEC. “Our merger with the former New Hampshire Institute of Art expands New England College’s footprint into Manchester, and we are proud to have a second campus in the heart of New Hampshire’s largest city. Mayor Craig champions many of the values NEC holds dear—ethical and responsible citizenship, social justice, respect for all individuals, imaginative and innovative approaches to all endeavors—and our community looks forward to hearing from her as we celebrate the 74th anniversary of our founding.”

Craig, a native of Manchester, serves as the city’s 48th Mayor and has begun her second term as the city’s first woman elected to that position. In 2007, Craig won a seat on the Manchester School Board and was then elected to the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen. As Mayor, Craig has engineered innovative partnerships that bring new employment opportunities to Manchester, has made the city safer by reducing violent crime and substance abuse rates, and has worked hard to improve public education so that families and businesses want to stay in Manchester.

“Manchester is a city on the move with a bright future, and I have seen firsthand the same is true for students at New England College,” comments Craig. “I care deeply about education—and ensuring all students have the opportunity to live up to their full potential. NEC and I share that commitment, so I take it as a high compliment to be invited to speak at this year’s Founders Day.”

“It is a pleasure to host Mayor Craig and honor her as she continues to prioritize innovation, collaboration, and education,” President Perkins adds. “As New England College was founded to serve the educational needs of our country’s military men and women returning from World War II it is fitting to recognize a public servant who is such a strong advocate for the power of education.”

NEC’s Founders Day celebration will be held in Bridges Gymnasium on the College’s Henniker campus Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 4:00–5:00 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend.

Countdown to College Convention 2020 Begins

December 5, 2019

Posted in News Press Release

The First Big Event for NH’s First in the Nation Primary.

New England College (NEC) is ramping up preparations for what is expected to be the first major, multi-candidate event of the 2020 Presidential Primary in New Hampshire. College Convention 2020, scheduled for January 5th – 9th in Manchester NH, will bring together candidates and campaigns, college students from both New Hampshire and across the country, political science faculty members, and members of the general public.

Dr. Wayne Lesperance, Vice President of Academic Affairs and a Professor of Political Science at New England College, said, “The energy for College Convention 2020 is building. We are confident that not only will this be a great event for the students and candidates who attend, it will also demonstrate the seriousness with which New Hampshire takes its responsibility as the First in the Nation Primary state.”

College Convention has taken place every 4 years since 2000 and has historically boasted attendance of over 500 college students. The event is open to students, campaigns, their supporters, and NH voters.

The Convention runs from the evening of January 5th to the afternoon of January 9th. Presidential candidates will address the students on the 6th, 7th and 8th during the main plenary sessions. All major candidates for President who appear on the NH Primary election ballot have been invited and most, if not all, are expected to make an appearance.

Campaigns will also be able to participate in the Convention with exhibitor booths, candidate speeches, engagement with students, and in a Campaign Volunteer Night.

A Ranked Choice Voting election will be held during the several days of the event. College Convention 2020 will be conducting this live candidate preference “vote” using a ranked choice voting system. All registered conference attendees will be able to cast a vote for their top 3 candidates. The results will be announced on January 9th during the capstone plenary session.

Another addition to this year’s convention will be a sponsored Comedy Night: On Monday evening, January 6th, the Convention will host a live comedy night featuring political humor. This ticketed event will also be open to the public.

Other events associated with College Convention 2020 includes a Trivia Night: Wednesday night, January 8th, College Convention 2020 will host a political Trivia night. Attendees will form their own teams including campaign staff. A great opportunity for a campaign team to win some serious bragging rights! A Campaign Volunteer Night will also be held: On Tuesday, January 7th, the Armory of the Double Tree Hotel will be transformed into a campaign war room where college student attendees will have the opportunity to volunteer their time to various campaigns. Campaigns can offer any volunteer opportunity they choose, such as a mail stuffing line, a call bank center, etc.

Additionally, Political and Policy Workshops will be held: Several political and public policy educational workshops are planned for the Convention. These will include speakers and panels who will address a wide range of issues including climate and environment; gun safety; marijuana policy; privacy and technology; political news media; campaign management, polling and predictions; and other topical issues.

Students will also be able to earn College Course Credit: New England College, the Convention host, has established an online course associated with the event to allow students to earn 1 college course credit, transferable to their college or university.

College Convention 2020 offers politically engaged college students a Once in a Lifetime Experience during the final weeks of NH’s First in the Nation Primary! For more information on the Convention, how to register, or opportunities to participate, visit the website at

New England College President’s Speaker Series Welcomes Business Leader Paul Montrone

November 13, 2019

Posted in News Press Release

New England College (NEC) is pleased to welcome business leader Paul Montrone, Wednesday, November 13 at 5:00 p.m. as part of their President’s Speaker Series. The series brings entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, and other leaders from across industries to NEC’s Simon Center Great Room, 98 Bridge Street, Henniker, NH 03242.

Mr. Montrone is a nationally recognized business leader. For more than three decades, he has directed the development of a number of businesses in a diverse set of industries. These include both the public companies and his private business interests which have been conducted through Bayberry Financial Services Company, Liberty Lane Partners, and Perspecta Trust LLC. He is presently Chairman of these entities as well as CEO of Perspecta. 

Previously, he served as the CEO of Fisher Scientific International Inc., Chairman and CEO of Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., Executive Vice President of The Signal Companies, Inc. and its successor, AlliedSignal Inc. (now Honeywell International Inc.), as well as President of The Henley Group, Inc. and Executive Vice President and CFO of Wheelabrator-Frye Inc.

Additionally, Montrone has served on a number of corporate boards and been active in many non-profit institutions and government related committees. A music aficionado, for over three decades he served in various capacities at The Metropolitan Opera in New York City, including President and CEO. He is now President Emeritus. His current other non-profit boards include the New England Conservatory of Music, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, and Citizens Count NH.

For many years, Mr. Montrone participated in healthcare policy matters at the national level.  During the Clinton Administration, he was a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry and was a Director of The Healthcare Leadership Council and the New England Healthcare Institute.

Montrone has also been involved in Washington, D.C. business policy matters for many years, mainly through his activity with the Business Roundtable, where he was a member of its Planning Committee, and Chairman of the Civil Justice Reform Taskforce. His interest in public policy also extends to state and local issues in New Hampshire, where he has served on several commissions and committees. 

Born in Scranton, PA, Mr. Montrone graduated magna cum laude from the University of Scranton and holds a PhD from Columbia University.

NEC’s President’s Speakers Series is open to the public at no cost and handicap accessible.

New England College President’s Speaker Series Welcomes Author and Humorist Harrison Scott Key

October 2, 2019

Posted in News Press Release

New England College (NEC) is pleased to welcome author and humorist Harrison Scott Key, Wednesday, October 9 at 5:00pm as part of their President’s Speaker Series. The series brings entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, and other leaders from across industries to NEC’s Simon Center Great Room, 98 Bridge Street, Henniker, NH 03242. This event is free, open to the public, and handicap accessible.

Key’s humor and nonfiction have appeared in The Best American Travel Writing, Oxford American, Outside, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Image, and Southern Living among others.

He is also the author of two memoirs, including Congratulations, Who Are You Again? (Harper Perennial), a true story about his American Dream to do something creative and meaningful with his life and how that dream nearly obliterated every meaningful thing in his life. His first memoir, The World’s Largest Man, a true story about what it’s like to be related to insane people from Mississippi, including the surprise revelation on the last page that he is also insane and the book is a hallucination, won the Thurber Prize for American Humor.

He holds an MFA in creative nonfiction and a PhD in playwriting and works at Savannah College of Art and Design, where he has held appointments as chair of liberal arts, professor of English, professor of writing, and executive dean.

New England College Receives $5 Million Gift to Create a State-of-the-Art Athletic Complex

September 17, 2019

Posted in News Press Release

New Complex Design Features a Gymnasium, Fitness Center, Training Facilities, and Other Amenities.

New England College (NEC) today announced a $5 million anonymous pledged gift to support the design and construction of a new, 45,000-square-foot Athletic Complex on its Henniker campus. “This transformative gift, which has under discussion for quite some time, has already spurred other generous donors to consider additional five-, six-, and seven-figure contributions; major gifts which will help us reach our $12 million fundraising goal,” said NEC President Michele Perkins. Construction is slated to begin in the spring of 2020 with the Complex making its debut in time for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Designed by the award-winning architect Scott Simpson, an NEC Trustee who is contributing his services, the Athletic Complex along with the John Lyons Center (opened 2016)—which houses classrooms, offices, a café, and meeting and other shared spaces—and the Rosamond Page Putnam Center for the Performing Arts (opening January 2020), will complete NEC’s ambitious campus master plan.

As a long-time leader in competitive sports for men and women, athletics and fitness are an essential part of NEC’s mission. 

“The new facilities will bolster our standing in NCAA Division III athletic competition and underscore our commitment to both scholar-athletes and personal fitness for the entire NEC community,” said Perkins. “This gift which will change our campus in ways that are real and long-lasting.  We are most grateful to our donor for his vision, unwavering support, and generosity.”

NEC enrolled 356 varsity athletes in 2018 alone, with many more students taking part in club or recreational sports. At NEC, half of the school’s residential undergraduates participate in team sports. During the 2018-2019 academic year, NEC athletes earned four conference championships, a school record, in men’s baseball, women’s lacrosse, men’s lacrosse, and women’s basketball. Since 2016, NEC’s men’s lacrosse team has won four consecutive championship titles, another NEC record.

NEC athletes come from across the US and around the globe. Athletes not only excel in sports but are among the College’s most successful cohorts academically.

“The new Complex represents another step on the path to an expanded and enhanced program, making NEC more attractive to students of every background and experience,” said Director of Athletics, Dave DeCew. “With its state-of-the-art facilities, the Athletic Complex reflects the College’s commitment to our players and coaches and to the health and well-being of all of our students.”

Estimated to cost approximately $15 million, NEC plans to secure at least $7 million in additional gifts before moving to the final design stage of the Complex which will feature a new, 25,000- square-foot gymnasium complete with a regulation-size court for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. With seating for up to 1,300 spectators, the gym will allow NEC to host NCAA-sanctioned tournaments and competitions.

Additionally, a new building adjacent to the Complex will provide offices and meeting rooms, along with a large, glass-enclosed lobby. This building will also house training and locker rooms and an expansive fitness center overlooking the Contoocook River. 

A new façade will unify the Athletic Complex, making current facilities more functional and integrating them into the emerging campus aesthetic.

The $5 million gift, along with additional financial support for the Athletic Complex, will complement the College’s $40 million plus Bridge to the Future capital campaign which is slated to conclude in January. This campaign will support several of the College’s strategic priorities including new facilities, endowed and named scholarships, and the Opportunity Fund which provides scholarships and underwrites a variety of initiatives including study-abroad and other academic programming. Bridge to the Future marks the largest fundraising effort in the College’s 73-year history.

New England College Reports Record Enrollment with Expansion to Manchester

August 22, 2019

Posted in News Press Release

New England College (NEC) begins classes this fall with new students on campuses in Henniker and Manchester, NH, following the incorporation of the former New Hampshire Institute of Art and the establishment of the Institute of Art and Design at NEC (Institute). Approximately 545 new students have enrolled at the College: 440 at the main campus in Henniker and 105 at the Institute in Manchester. For the combined campuses, new student enrollment is on budget, up approximately 6% over last year. At well over 400 new students, the Henniker campus remains in record enrollment territory for the third year in a row. The College estimates combined undergraduate enrollment will reach 1,345, the highest in the College’s history.

“With our successful merger now complete, the Institute of Art and Design will provide expanded intellectual and artistic opportunities for all our students, those enrolled in arts majors and those seeking exposure to art history, photography, game design, or other fields,” commented NEC President Michele Perkins.

While many institutions struggle with declining enrollment, NEC continues to grow and expand its student population, faculty, staff, and facilities. Equally important, NEC attracts one of the most diverse student populations in New Hampshire and across the region, with 36% of enrolled students from minority communities. NEC students are geographically diverse as well, with incoming students from as near as New England, including 163 from New Hampshire, and the New York metropolitan area and from as far as California, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Texas, and Florida. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the College will also welcome a significant number of international students from Canada, Finland, India, Jamaica, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, and Sweden.

“The Institute is just one element of our long-standing, strategic goal of increasing student enrollment, both in-person and online,” Perkins added. “NEC recruitment campaigns— launched across the country and around the world— have attracted a large, diverse group of students to New England College. And an expanded student body allows us to increase academic choice, grow athletic programs, and emphasize student engagement. Further, the Putnam Center for the Performing Arts, which will make its debut in early 2020, and new athletic and student housing facilities which will open soon after, will allow us to better serve and support our students and their varied interests.”

A strong financial foundation allows NEC to engage students in need, by offering scholarships and grants that make college accessible and affordable. With continued enrollment growth in sight, the College is poised to raise over $40 million in its first ever capital campaign, which will conclude next spring.

“As we begin our 73rd year, we remain committed to preparing students for success in their careers and in their lives,” said Perkins. “We will continue to embrace the liberal arts while incorporating experiential learning in small classroom settings, taught by our talented and supportive faculty. The future is very bright for New England College.”

Students will gather at Convocation on the Simon Green in Henniker at 3:00 PM on Friday, August 23. New England College will welcome new and returning students for the first full day of classes on August 26.