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New England College’s Mentoring Program Celebrates 20 Years of Student Success

April 03, 2024
Career and life planning meeting with a staff member and student

Mentors and students work together to set achievable goals for success in college and in life.

The Mentoring Program at New England College (NEC) celebrates 20 years of helping students find success in college and in life. This add-on benefit available to all students promotes academic achievement, personal success, and peace of mind.

The Mentoring Program team understands that as awesome as the college experience is, it can also be overwhelming. NEC’s mentors come from a variety of backgrounds—including education, counseling, and business—and help students gain confidence in the areas of organization, time management, study skills, test preparation, critical thinking and decision making, communication, self-advocacy, transition issues, networking, and internship and graduate school readiness.

“I’ve experienced the incredible journey with so many of my students, guiding them through their academic endeavors and witnessing their growth firsthand,” remarked Mike Courville, who has served as an NEC mentor for 10 years. “I’m deeply appreciative of the opportunity to work in this program, as it has allowed me to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students while also nurturing my own professional development.”

Students who enroll in the Mentoring Program come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Some have learning styles that benefit from the program’s structure and support, and others thrive on the individualized assistance they receive from NEC’s mentors. Often, first-year students find the program particularly valuable as they learn how to balance social or athletic involvement with academic expectations. No matter their starting points, all students can learn to build confidence and independence in their new environment.

“At NEC, we proudly say that we meet students where they are,” stated Dr. Wayne F. Lesperance Jr, President of New England College. “For 20 years, our Mentoring Program has come alongside students to help them overcome any obstacles to reaching their full potential, academically and socially. The skills students gain from the Mentoring Program are skills that set them up for success long after their time at NEC.”

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