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Peer Leader Program

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Ropes course

Help First Years Gain Confidence

Who Are the Peer Leaders?

Peer Leaders (PLs) are upper class students who assist new students in their transition to college life. Beginning at Orientation, Peer Leaders welcome students and their families to campus and then continue to provide support to new students throughout the fall semester in the Bridges to Learning seminar and beyond. They not only help first-years connect with campus resources, but they also strive to build camaraderie and help new students engage in the greater NEC community.

Our 2018-2019 Peer Leaders:

  • Hail from 8 different U.S. states
  • Study 15 different majors
  • Participate in 14 clubs and organizations
  • Play on 8 NEC athletic teams

What Are Peer Leaders Saying About their Experience?

“Getting to know and making connections with my students was the best part of peer leading. They taught me so much about myself.”

“I appreciated having the opportunity to influence first-year students and help make their first semester a good one.”

“I learned that I can make an impact on other students’ lives. Students do look up to me and they do ask me for help when things get tough.”

“I feel more confident that I can be a successful leader. When I first started this experience, I had doubts that I would be good at it, but as I’ve grown I can see that I am capable of more than I thought.”

family style dinners

Family style dinners help welcome students in a relaxed atmosphere.

Peer Leader Job Description

Responsibilities include:

  • Help organize and run Summer and Fall Orientations;
  • Welcome new students and their families to campus;
  • Serve as a resource for new students for the entire Academic Year;
  • Help plan and teach a section of LAS 1000: Bridges to Learning (first-year seminar);
  • Connect new students to campus resources & build community;
  • Promote social & academic success among new students;
  • Collaborate with fellow Peer Leaders on a variety of initiatives to engage new students;
  • Obtain ropes course training to lead team-building activities; and,
  • Attend group and individual meetings regularly throughout the year.

Qualifications – Applicants must:

  • Be returning, full-time NEC students (enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours)
  • Be available to participate in and pass intensive Leadership Course (2 required sessions): May 10-17, August 14-22
  • Be available for and provide own transportation to Summer Pilgrimage and Fall Orientations
  • Be in good academic (CGPA of 2.5+) standing; conduct standing will be reviewed
  • Be able to commit 5-7 hours each week during the 2019-2020 academic year

What’s In It For You?

  • Scholarship recognizing your year-long commitment to program
  • Credits for successful completion of Peer Leadership Facilitation Course
  • Development of leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • NEC Gear
  • New experiences, group outings, opportunities to make connections across campus
  • Letter of Recommendation at end of academic year, if desired
  • Valuable experience to add to your resume


Peer Leader Application (Word format)

Peer Leader Recommendation Form (Word format)