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Cricket match at NEC

Welcome to the New England College Magazine. The goal of New England College Magazine is to share the uncommon stories of growth, transformation, and creativity in the lives of those who have walked through NEC’s doors. NEC is committed to producing two issues each year—fall and spring.

Fall 2021

  • CHANGEMAKERS | NEC’s faculty and alumni make the most of taking their next steps.
  • HIDDEN GEM | A little-known research program launches the next generation of science and health professionals.
  • THE FUTURE OF NEC ATHLETICS | NEC continues to build upon the Henniker campus’s master plan with a new athletic complex for all students.
  • 20 YEARS OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE | One of NEC’s most popular programs, Criminal Justice helps graduates move into a life of service.
  • ESPORTS | Competitive video gaming, the new kid in town, is poised for the next level.
  • ONLINE BUT NOT ALONE | As NEC’s online population grows, so does the College’s commitment to these students.
  • BY THE NUMBERS | NEC’s present and future…by the numbers
  • CRICKET COMES TO NEC | NEC’s international students introduce our athletes to one of their favorite games.
  • Click here to read the Fall 2021 issue
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Spring 2021

  • CHANGE MAKERS | Three alumnae use their NEC educations to do big things.
  • SHINING OUT | Be inspired by four students who rise above.
  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOOKS | Creative works by our undergraduate and graduate students.
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Fall 2020

  • TIMELINE | 75th Anniversary
  • ON POINT | Student Athletes
  • AGENT OF CHANGE | NEC’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice
  • FINANCE AND PHILANTHROPY | Past Campaign Highlights and What’s Next
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