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New England College Announces New Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Studies

Reshapes Ceramics Program to Include all Three-Dimensional Media.

The Institute of Art and Design (IAD) at New England College (NEC) announces a new Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in 3D Studies. This program launches for the fall 2020 semester and prepares students for careers based on a variety of three-dimensional art forms, from ceramics and sculpture to installations and time-based art.

This new 3D Studies program exposes students to the expanding scope of three-dimensional studio practice and provides students with a wide range of processes, including mold making, casting, and construction. Students will pursue their personal artistic interests within three-dimensional art and be encouraged to incorporate technologies—such as video, sound, and new media—into their studio practice.

“Our 3D Studies program is very exciting,” comments Lars Jerlach, Associate Professor of Art at IAD’s campus in Manchester. “By making ceramics a component of this new program, we’re building upon our ceramics curriculum to offer students a broader study of contemporary sculptural practices that will strengthen the individual areas of study and enhance our students’ experiences as they continue to develop into artists.”

This new academic program allows IAD to better serve current students and to meet the needs of prospective students who are looking for innovative and exciting new educational opportunities. The 3D Studies BFA is rooted in rigorous study of contemporary sculptural practices. It emphasizes the development of technical skills and theoretical understanding as students work through an inclusive hands-on studio program that combines a customizable education and tangible learning.