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New England College Online Admissions: What, How, When

New England College Online AdmissionsOnline education offers students an unprecedented opportunity to earn a quality degree from accredited institutions while scheduling coursework around busy personal and professional lives. New England College online admissions have made the process of applying as convenient as the programs themselves. 

For those beginning their collegiate journey, admissions can seem overwhelming. School leaders designed the New England College online admissions process in a convenient step-by-step format that works for freshmen directly out of high school, adult learners and transfer students.  

Steps and Requirements for Admission 

The New England College online admissions process guides students through the following steps. The requirements for each step, if any, are also listed.  

Find the Start Date 

Unlike traditional programs, students can enroll in online programs throughout the year. New England College offers seven different start dates for the school’s 100% online classes. You can find information on start dates on the NEC admissions overview page. 

Complete Online Application 

NEC does not charge an application fee or require standardized test scores. Students must have earned a state-approved high school diploma or high school equivalency (GED) to apply. The NEC application is available online. Prospective students should read the requirements for each individual program.    

Send Transcripts and Other Documents 

Most schools allow NEC to request your transcripts if you fill out a transcript request as part of your application. If schools do not allow third-party transcript requests, you will need to request them yourself. If so, have them sent to: 

Attn: New England College Transcripts 
MSC P51 
9417 Princess Palm Ave. 
Tampa, FL 33619-8313 

Check the program page for any additional requirements. You also can contact the New England College Admissions Office.  

Admissions Decision 

NEC typically gives a decision on your application within two weeks of receiving an application and all the needed documents. 

If You Transfer from Another School 

New England College offers a generous transfer credit program. The college accepts up to 44 transfer credit hours for an associate degree program and 90 credit hours for a bachelor’s degree program. NEC accepts transfer credits from coursework completed at regionally accredited colleges and universities in the United States or equivalent universities in other countries. 

Typically, students need at least a C- or better letter grade to receive transfer credit. 

Community college students also can take advantage of the Community College to New England College (CC2NEC) program that grants automatic acceptance to community college students with good academic standing. The program allows them to transfer up to 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree. 

Technical Requirements 

Students can access the 100% online NEC courses using any web browser and with a current Windows or Mac operating system. Students will need access to a personal computer, personal internet connection and college-provided email account. New England College provides a complete list of technical requirements on the FAQ page for online courses. 

The Advantages of Taking Classes Online 

With online courses, you can study whenever and wherever you want. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. New England College has online students from across the United States and around the world. 

Students must confirm their attendance in the first week of class. After that, they meet course deadlines set by instructors. 

The online degree program confers the same degree as the one earned by those on campus. Those who earn a degree may visit the campus at any time. The school also invites them to participate in their graduation ceremony. 

The New England College system also gives online students methods of communicating with instructors and classmates. Also, online students have access to the New England College Danforth Library and Smarthinking Online Tutoring services. 

Students increasingly choose the online option for education because it offers convenience and cost savings. The New England College online admissions system is designed to make the process of entering a degree program as seamless as possible.