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Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities at NEC

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New England College offers reasonable tuition rates that attract students from around the world for both online and on-campus programs. Even with these rates in place, students can lower their costs even further through grants and scholarships at NEC.

Financial aid at NEC comes through a variety of financial aid and scholarship opportunities. In connection with the school’s already favorable tuition costs, additional financial aid makes entering a degree program even more attractive.

Scholarships at New England College

NEC automatically considers providing financial aid to all incoming undergraduates through merit-based scholarships. Filing an additional application is not necessary. If NEC awards a scholarship, it is renewed each year a student stays enrolled at the school and meets the following criteria.

  • Maintains the minimum required grade point average
  • Is not placed on academic or social probation
  • Makes minimum academic progress toward earning a degree
  • Maintains full-time status (If not, the award is prorated according to the registered course load.)
  • Maintains half-time status (If not, no scholarship funding is awarded.)

The College also awards special scholarships for those who come from the area surrounding the school’s main campus in Henniker, New Hampshire. Graduates from the following high schools receive either a merit scholarship or half-tuition, whichever is more: Hillsboro-Deering High School, Hopkinton High School, Kearsarge Regional High School, and John Stark Regional High School.

Students should research any additional local and state scholarships available in their area.

Scholarship Restrictions

Some restrictions apply for awards from New England College. For example, students who receive reduced tuition cannot also receive an institutional scholarship. NEC Plus students are not eligible to receive merit-based awards. Also, the College only awards each student one institutional scholarship.

If a student qualifies, they receive their merit scholarship at the time of admission. The scholarships include the Presidential Scholarship, Alta Petenda Scholarship, New England Scholarship, and Leadership Scholarship.

Work-Study Programs

Earning money while attending school is another smart way to trim tuition costs. Students can participate in two kinds of work-study programs: federal and institutional.

Federal Work Study

Students must first submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application to determine eligibility for Federal Work Study. Eligible students should attend New England College’s annual ConNECtions job fair. If they cannot attend, students can contact the department where they wish to work or NEC’s Student Financial Services office.

Institutional Work Study

For those who do not qualify for Federal Work Study, New England College offers an Institutional Work Study program that connects students with jobs on campus. Student Financial Services maintains this list. Students should contact the office early, as jobs are limited.

Grants and Low-Interest Loans

All students should submit a FAFSA application, which opens the door to receiving federal grant money. Most students also are eligible for low-interest federal loans, as are their parents. Most banks and credit unions also offer private loans.

Any of the above can help lower the already low cost of attending New England College for both online and on-campus students. NEC always works with students to find the scholarship and grant money that can lower their costs. Start your search for money early and don’t hesitate to contact NEC for support.

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