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Frequently Asked Questions About the Consolidation of our Manchester and Henniker Campuses

2022 convocation

New England College will unite its art and design programs in a new Art Village on its main campus in Henniker, New Hampshire, beginning in fall 2023.

Residential Life and Housing

Q: Will rooms in Henniker be the same cost as rooms in Manchester?
A: Current Manchester residential students who choose a similar room type in Henniker will not see a cost increase. Students who may choose a more expensive room type in Henniker (going from a double room to a single apartment, for instance) would see a price increase. In the event that a Henniker room is priced higher than a similar room in Manchester, the college will make an adjustment to a student’s account to address that difference.

Q: When can current Manchester students choose rooms in Henniker?
A: We are currently working on that specific timeline. At this time, we hope to start assignments as early as April 17, but we may wait a day or two if students need more time to review options and ask questions.

Q: What sort of rooms are available in Henniker?
A: There are numerous room types available in Henniker. There are single, double, triple, and quad rooms on campus, and the building types range from small houses to larger residence halls. Please see the Residential Life and Housing Office for specific information on buildings and room types.

Q: Are there single rooms available in Henniker?
A: Yes, there are single room options available. Please contact the Res Life staff in Concord Hall to set up a time to meet and discuss all the housing options.

Q: Who can I email if I have additional questions?
A: You can email with any questions about on-campus living.


Food Services

Q: Will there be any change in the cost of dining plans?
A: No, the dining plans for both campuses were priced the same, so there will be no change in meal plan costs as long as students continue to choose the same type of meal plan.

Q: How are meals served in Henniker?
A: Henniker has very different dining offerings than the Manchester campus has had, due to the larger number of students. There is a large dining hall (Gilmore Hall) that serves three meals each weekday (and two on the weekends). There are numerous hot options at each meal, a full salad bar, vegetarian meal options, and special “exhibition” meal offerings. There is also a café in the Simon Center (the main student center) and a café in the Lyons Building (where most business classes are held). Those cafes offer snack and meal options, coffee/teas, and the Lyons location even offers Starbucks drinks. The café areas accept FlexCash (that come with the meal plan) or students can pay with a credit card.

Q: What if I have questions about dietary restrictions or food options?
A: Our Chartwells Food Service staff are available to address questions related to meal plans, dietary restrictions, etc. They can be reached at


Campus Safety and Parking

Q: Can I park a car on the Henniker Campus?
A: Yes, any student who wants to bring a car to the Henniker campus can park in a campus lot. That includes commuters and residential students.

Q: Is there a cost for parking permits in Henniker?
A: There typically is a cost for a parking permit on the Henniker campus, but current IAD students who wish to bring a car to Henniker will not be charged for parking permits since parking permit costs were not a part of typical IAD student expenses in the past.

Q: How safe is the Henniker campus?
A: In general, the town of Henniker has less crime than Manchester does, and the Henniker campus historically has a low rate of crime. We do encourage students in Henniker, though, to always be vigilant about their personal safety and the safety of their belongings. The Department of Campus Safety is available at 603.428.2323 to help answer safety-related questions and to help students with any crime-prevention tips.


Financial Aid and Student Financial Services

Q: Will my financial aid change?
A: No, your financial aid will not be affected. Students should ensure they have submitted their 2023–2024 FAFSA at

Q: What will happen to my scholarship?
A: Students will still receive the same scholarship they have received according to the terms of their scholarship (most scholarships require full-time enrollment with a minimum GPA of 2.0).

Q: Will I have to purchase a parking permit?
A: Students bringing a car to campus will need to obtain a parking permit, but the fee will be waived.

Q: Will I be able to continue my Work Study job?
A: Work Study eligibility is determined by the FAFSA each year. If you are awarded Work Study on your financial aid award, you may participate in a job on campus or in the community.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions about financial aid and my account?
A: Financial Aid staff will be available in the financial aid office in French Hall. Students may also request a Zoom or phone appointment using their EAB Navigate account or by emailing Student Financial Services (SFS) at Questions can also be sent to or you may call 603.428.2226 to speak with an SFS representative.


Classes, Course Registration, and Scheduling

Q: Who can I contact with questions about my schedule and other class-related issues?
A: Please contact Academic Advising at or your faculty advisor.

Q: What will my course schedule be for the fall?
A: Dean Furtkamp, Dean Harmon, and Academic Advising will review courses and meet with students one on one in the coming weeks to work through scheduling logistics.

Q: Will I have access to the same equipment as is currently in the studio facilities in Manchester?
A: The equipment currently in Manchester for the courses in your discipline will be moved and available for you in Henniker.

Q: Who will be my faculty?
A: We are excited to welcome the IAD faculty to Henniker. Students will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of courses in other programs like Psychology, Business, and Education to name a few.

Q: For other academic questions, whom do I contact?
A: Please contact Academic Advising at or your faculty advisor.


Other questions

Q: Where can I purchase course supplies such as photography paper?
A: For some courses, faculty members and our campus store have collaborated to have prepackaged “art kits” for students to purchase on campus. Most students who have needed specialized art supplies buy them online and have them delivered to the campus mail center in the Simon Center.

Q: Will we have access to a weekend shuttle to take us to Michael’s, Target, or other stores like we do now?
A: There are shuttles offered from the Henniker campus to Concord on some weekend nights during the semester. These shuttles are coordinated through the Office of Student Engagement in the Simon Center. These shuttles go to the shopping area on Loudon Road in Concord, near Walmart, Target, Michael’s, and Best Buy.

Q: How do we sign up for the shuttle for breaks and where can it take us?
A: The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) coordinates shuttles to the Concord Bus Station and the Manchester Airport at the start and end of breaks and vacation periods. These shuttles are free and require sign-up at the OSE office in the Simon Center.

Q: Will we have access to the library and same resources available in the Manchester library?
A: The Danforth Library on the Henniker campus is planning to bring in the materials from the Teti Library in Manchester and have those items available during their hours of operation. The current online library resources available to Manchester students should continue to be available—there is no plan for any change to those resources. Please contact the Library Director, Chelsea Hanrahan, at with any questions you may have.

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