George Floyd Verdict: A Community Message | New England College

George Floyd Verdict: A Community Message

April 20, 2021
Manchester campus aerial view

To the New England College community:

Today we learned that Derek Chauvin, who was charged in the killing of George Floyd, was convicted on all counts: murder in the second degree, murder in the third degree, and also manslaughter in the second degree.

The long-awaited results of this trial align with what we saw in the horrific video recording of Mr. Floyd’s restraint and resulting death.  It should be reassuring to know that the judicial systems in Minnesota and in the United States hold accountable those who break the law.

This process is not over.  As a community committed to seeing justice served, we must remain vigilant in this case and others where injustices are perpetrated.

I know many of you wish to come together and share your thoughts and feelings about what has taken place in Minneapolis and across the United States. I wholeheartedly support such gatherings in our community and encourage you to work with college staff and your classmates to organize such events in Henniker and Manchester as needed. Let us hope that today’s outcome will serve to prevent future acts of violence against persons of color and a warning that such acts will be punished according to the law.

Dr. Michele Perkins
New England College

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