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Hanukkah: A Community Message

December 07, 2023
Photograph of a lit menorah and bowl of dreidels

Dear New England College Community,

Today, December 7, is the first day of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah. In the Jewish tradition, Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, represents a rededication of faith by practitioners around the world. The light of the Menorah symbolizes faith and hope in a dark world. With all that is happening around us, I can think of no better symbol of what we need in our world than light and the hope accompanying it. In fact, one of my favorite expressions about Hannukah is “the darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the light of a candle.”

To all our friends who celebrate Hanukkah, New England College wishes you a “Sameach” or Happy Hanukkah! We wish you peace and light this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Dr. Wayne F. Lesperance, Jr.
New England College

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