The Art of Learning at NEC - New England College

The Art of Learning at NEC

By Amon Assimwe, MS in Health Informatics ‘21

I called New England College home for the duration of my graduate studies and still call it home and a family to this day.

Tucked in my memory are numerous experiences, chief of which is a defining moment during a Knowledge Management class taught by Professor Dave Pollak. It was spring of 2020 and presentation day. Needless to say, I was nervous but stilled my nerves and went ahead with the presentation. Professor Pollak, regarding the presentation I had delivered, gave an encouraging review and direction. His comments made a great impression on me that served as a North Star throughout the rest of the school year and ultimately inspiring the desire to pursue my ideas further, maybe even pursue a doctorate. This moment also opened the door to an offer for a teaching assistant position, that I gladly accepted as my ideas and delivery of the presentation were applaudable. I truly regard myself to be privileged to work with the College under Professors Pollak and Rick Mitchell, some of the greatest leaders and mentors I have come across. The teaching staff at the college do take an extra step and a keen interest in students, making sure they understand the class materials.

NEC has invested in innovative learning such as Blackboard, hands-on technological and educational development for the ever-changing high-tech field. These may seem like two separate facts, but they have guided and instructed my career path in appreciating innovation and comprehending tasks in the workplace.

Working for NEC has been a good career and personal growth experience. I have access to mentors and mentees at NEC who challenge me daily to expand my knowledge base and lived experience. I am grateful for this opportunity that has been of mutual benefit that I draw from daily. My greatest goal as part of the teaching staff is to prepare students for the future of work and helping them navigate life outside the four walls of the classroom. I regard myself as custodian of students’ potentials, shaping minds and dreams, and my definite goal is to ensure that students not only grasp class material but also learn how to learn, by unlearning and relearning to thrive in whatever space and time they will occupy.

Would I take a path through NEC again if I had a chance? Yes, I would, 1,000 times over. As we say around here, dura duranda alta petenda: “We work hard to achieve greater heights.”

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