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Payment Information

Payment Schedule

Fall Semester
Returning students: a $200 deposit is due no later than May 1 to hold academic space.
Charges are due July 15.

January Term
Charges are due before classes begin.

Spring Semester
Charges are due by December 15.

Summer Term
Charges are due before classes begin.

Charges are due before classes begin.

Payment Options

New England College offers a variety of payment options. We accept:

Personal checks
Personal checks may be mailed to New England College, Student Financial Services, 98 Bridge Street, Henniker, NH 03242. Please send only U.S. dollars drawn from a U.S. bank. Third party checks are not accepted for payment.

Credit cards (MC, Visa, American Express, Discover)
Payment is accepted online at MyNEC. New students please go here to learn more about setting up an account.

Flywire (International Payments)
Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, typically in your home currency. Go to:

Cash can be accepted at the Office of Student Financial Services. Cash payments of $10,000 or more require a completed IRS Form 8300.

Wire transfer payments (for domestic students)
NEC accepts payments via wire transfer. Please call Student Financial Services at 603.428.2226 for routing and account information as this data can not be released by email.

Tuition Protection Plan

The Tuition Protection Plan can be helpful if a student must withdraw from school after classes begin. It can expand the scope of our current refund policy by offering reimbursement for tuition, housing and other fees no matter when during the semester the withdrawal takes place.

It also includes Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour hotline to make sure students get the help they need in an emergency. For example, if a student is admitted to a hospital, Allianz Global Assistance can make travel arrangements for parents to visit and help him or her get back home after treatment.

Learn more or call 1-866-724-4384. Insurance must be purchased prior to the first day of classes. Coverage extends through the end of that semester.


Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until all balances are cleared. Balances must be paid in full in order to participate in graduation.  All accounts 30 days or more in arrears are subject to a late payment fee of $200 per term and 1.5 percent per month, equivalent to 19.56 percent annual percentage rate.

Overdue accounts referred to a collection agency will incur the agency’s fee. This fee, usually 25 to 50 percent, will be added to the overdue balance at the time of assignment to the agency.

Defaulted Loans

Transcripts and diplomas are not released to any student in default on Perkins or Stafford Loans.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

New England College offers an interest-free monthly payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). To enroll, visit Applications should be submitted directly to TMS by July 15 for the 10-pay plan that runs July 1 – April 1 or the 5-pay plan that runs July 1- November 1. If you are using the 5-pay plan only for the spring semester, you must sign up by December 15.

Tuition Management Systems, Inc.
Interest Free Monthly Payment Options
P.O. Box 842722
Boston, MA 02284-2722

Refunds for Withdrawal, Suspension or Dismissal

Undergraduate Refunds

If a student withdraws or is dismissed from school during the academic year a refund or credit for tuition and board will be issued according to the following schedule:

  • During the first week of the semester: 75%
  • During the second week of the semester: 65%
  • During the third week of the semester: 55%
  • During the fourth week of the semester: 40%
  • After the fourth week of the semester: 0%

All other charges are non-refundable for any semester from which a student withdraws.

For summer term and January term programs the refund or credit will be issued according to the following schedule:

  • As of the first day of the first week: 80%
  • As of the first day of the second week: 50%
  • After the second week: 0%
  • All other charges are non-refundable.

If there is an outstanding balance after the credit is applied, the amount outstanding is due within 10 days of the official date of withdrawal, suspension, or dismissal. The official date of withdrawal is the date on which the Office of the Dean of Students receives written notification from the student, parent or guardian. The date of suspension or dismissal is the day specified in the letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs notifying the student of his/her suspension or dismissal.

Graduate Refunds

If a student officially withdraws during a term, a portion of any refund calculated under the College’s withdrawal policy will be returned to federal, state, and College programs. Details of this pro-­rated policy are available from Student Financial Services.

For Graduate students, refund or credit is issued according to the following schedule:

  • Before the first day of the first week of class: 100%
  • As of the first day of the first week of class: 80%
  • As of the first day of the second week of class: 50%
  • As of the first day of the third week of class: 0%

All other charges are non-refundable for any semester from which a student withdraws.

Return of Federal Financial Aid (Title IV)        

Students who withdraw before 60% of the term is completed will have their eligible federal financial aid recalculated according to the length of their enrollment. The percentage of time the student remained enrolled is the percentage of eligible aid for that period that the student earned. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point earns all federal aid for that period. The Return of Federal Financial Aid calculation is performed independently of institutional costs incurred for the period of enrollment.

Personal Expenses and Check-Cashing

Personal expenses, including books and supplies, clothing, laundry, travel, and recreation will vary from student to student. Each student should plan personal expense requirements and develop a budget based upon those expectations. The Office of Student Financial Services can assist in developing this annual cost of attendance.

Students should consider establishing a checking account at a local bank in order to pay for books, supplies, and other personal expenses. The Office of Student Financial Services does not cash personal checks for students.

Purchasing Books at New England College

Master Card, VISA, Discover, and American Express may be used to charge purchases in the NEC bookstore. Gift certificates are available at the bookstore and may be used toward bookstore purchases. Please see the bookstore manager for information, or call 603-428-2220.

Federal Financial Aid recipients with excess funds (financial aid funds greater than the direct billed expenses) may request a book voucher from the Student Financial Services Office beginning one week prior to the semester start. The book voucher will charge the cost of books and supplies purchased at the campus bookstore to the student’s New England College student account.


An ATM is available on campus and conveniently located in the Simon Center.