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Student Responsibilities Under ADA/504

Once a student is 18 or older and in college, he or she must individually disclose to each person in order to receive an accommodation. After the Needs Assessment Form is completed, the student is given multiple copies to give to his or her teachers, staff members, tutors, and/or mentor. Students are expected to pre-arrange for testing accommodations at least three business days prior to the test. Professors are not expected to modify course objectives, course content, or provide individualized instruction or remediation.

Since the Disability Services staff know what the faculty expect, they are happy to meet with a student to discuss and plan the best approach to use when making a request for an accommodation. Remember, faculty are accustomed to providing accommodations. Occasionally there are part-time faculty who are not familiar with the accommodations process and may have questions that can easily be answered.

New England College wants very much for students to succeed, and we strongly urge students to share their needs and concerns with us. There are usually solutions to every problem, no matter how complex.

If you have any questions please call the Disability Services Office Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) at 603.428.2302