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Important Changes to BB

Many changes have occurred to integrate Blackboard with the NEC Student Information System, MyNEC. These changes will help ensure user, course and enrollment/registration information is consistent across systems. This is especially important in ensuring students’ accounts are consistent across systems and students are given access to all the correct courses in Blackboard based on enrollment records. Faculty accounts and course enrollments are also part of this automation.

Here is a list of the major changes and details of each are further below:

  • Your Blackboard username may have been updated to match across systems – 7/13/11
  • Blackboard passwords set to be the same as your email password – 9/1/11
  • New Blackboard accounts created automatically once you are in a course – 8/5/11
  • Faculty – Your students are automatically enrolled in courses based on MyNEC course enrollment information – 8/5/11
  • Students – Your course(s) automatically become visible prior to course start date – 8/5/11

Continue reading below for details of each part of this integration!

Students and Faculty – Your username for Blackboard may have been updated – 7/13/11

Blackboard usernames that did not match the NEC email address have been updated.


  • Old Blackboard username: “susan”
  • Email address:
  • Your Blackboard account is now: SSmith
  • Old Blackboard username: JSmith
  • Email address:
  • Your blackboard account is now JSmith_gps

This was necessary for the integration to function.
If you have any questions about your username or problems logging in, contact

Students and Faculty – Blackboard passwords set to the same as your email password – 9/1/11

The login system is being updated on 9/1/2011.
On 9/1/2011 at 2:00 a.m. you will begin using your email password to login to Blackboard.

At that time your Blackboard password will be synchronized with your NEC email password. For some users, your passwords may already be the same, but now the systems will stay synchronized. If your passwords were not the same, they now will be and if you change your email password that will also change it for Blackboard – you will no longer have to remember a separate Blackboard password. No email passwords will be changed, only Blackboard passwords that do not currently match will be updated to match email passwords.

The Blackboard web pages will not change – you will use the same Blackboard webpage to login and access Blackboard – (link no longer available)

We highly encourage all users to change their passwords regularly – and changing it in email will now change it for email and Blackboard. See “Changing NEC Network and Email Password Using Webmail” on our HelpDesk webpage For questions, contact

Students and Faculty – New Blackboard accounts are created automatically once you are put in a course – 8/5/11

New Blackboard accounts are automatically created once a student is enrolled in a course (or as faculty, assigned to a course). If your MyNEC information shows you are enrolled in a course and you cannot login, please contact us at If you have never held a Blackboard account, your account is created automatically once you are in a course.

Students – Your course(s) will become visible prior to course start date – 8/5/11

Faculty – Your students are automatically enrolled in courses based on MyNEC course enrollment information – 8/5/11

Students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate Blackboard courses based on the enrollment information contained in MyNEC so no manual enrollments need to be made in Blackboard by Faculty. If you have a blackboard account that allows you to add/change course enrollments, do not do so without consulting with the Registrar or BMG as manual enrollments that cause data conflicts will be automatically removed.

If you are not yet enrolled in a course, please try your Blackboard login again approximately 2hrs after enrolling in a course.

Courses automatically become visible to students prior to the start of the course. Faculty may choose a specific date for the course to be opened for students. So although students are placed in the course automatically based on MyNEC information, they cannot view or access the course until they are made visible.

If MyNEC indicates your enrolled in a course but it isn’t showing in Blackboard then your faculty has chosen to not yet open the Blackboard course.

Problems access Blackboard: contact us at

Click here (link no longer available) to access the MyNEC course registration system or find support for MyNEC

These are exciting changes to improve NEC technology and we appreciate your patience as we work through the implementation.